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Alpha Plan Expansion
New Participants

Dear parents,

LittleOne.Care develops a small and unique button that protects babies. Over 30 families are already testing various versions of the product, and we are in the midst of launching a new and improved version. At this time, the company is expanding its pilot to more parents of babies ages 0-3 years of age.


The button monitors and reports the following:

  • Baby breathing while asleep.

  • Motorical and verbal development while active.

  • Automatic diary updates of daily activities 24/7.

  • Alerts in cases of neglect, fall, shake or verbal violence.

  • Recognition and reporting of crying and reason for the cry

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We would like you to get in touch and schedule a personal call with us, where you will receive more details and information
* Your details will not be used for any marketing or advertising purposes.

Thanks! LittleOne.Care Team Member will contact you in order to share with you more details and answer any additional question you may have!


We comply with the international technology standards for babies and parents.


Most definitely! We follow and adhere to strict international rules in the field. 


No way. It is an original Israeli product. It does not transmit any radiation, wi-fi or Bluetooth.

LittleOne.Care - Nice to E-Meet you

LittleOne.Care is a start-up based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We develop Artificial Intelligence that is capable of understanding, based on the baby’s movements and voices, what a baby needs and wants.

  • This is the first product that studies movement together with baby’s voices, and their surrounding sounds in order to understand the reason for crying.

  • 24/7 baby protection: at home, daycare, car or park.

  • No WiFi or Bluetooth radiation. The product doesn’t transmit. Period.

  • Updates baby activity log (when they ate, went to sleep or changed diaper) based on simple voice commands. 

  • Daily and weekly reports for parents, detailing the baby’s activities, sleep times, sleep quality and other variables that analyse important trends related to their baby’s development

How does it work?

A small and cute button is attached to the baby’s shirt. The button consists of movement sensors that are sensitive to each action. For example, the stomach movement recognizes breathing. It monitors the body’s movement as well, while rolling over, being carried, or crawls.


In addition, the button includes sound sensors that analyse the voices a baby and their surrounding make. It is important to note that the product does not record the baby or their surroundings, but rather processes the sound signal to understand if they are crying (or laughing), if an adult is speaking to them or the TV is on and the baby is ‘stuck’ across a screen…


The Artificial Intelligence that we are developing enables us to combine the information from two sensors and report back to parents in cases of accidents, verbal abuse, yelling, or inappropriate care. But, it also enables us to monitor the baby’s verbal and motorical development during the first three years of their lives, and point out extraordinary events if need be.

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Radiation, Privacy and safety

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Our R&D team keeps a close contact with the Alpha pilot parents to ensure continuous updates and improvements. Saying that, we also make sure to:

  1. Work according to the rules and regulation of strict baby product development.

  2. Radiation and transmission - the product doesn’t transmit at this time. It is a unique innovative solution

  3. Privacy of baby and family - ensuring the information is kept private at all times.


​We invite you to join us. It is truly revolutionary

Why should you join our Alpha plan?

We kept this part to the very end. We want you to join since you, the  parent, understand the importance of developing products that protect babies and help improve their wellbeing and quality of care.
In addition, why should you join? .

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  • Because it is completely free (for the first 50 families). For the rest, only if there is a spot (sorry, please don’t hold this against us) - under a minimum charge.


  • The present product arrives with a tablet. The tablet will remain with you if you choose to participate until the very end.

  • In addition, at the end of the product development, Alpha parents receive the final product for free.

What do we promise you (and ask you to promise us).

  • Commitment to the process and a continuous open communication between you and us.


  • Transparency, honesty and mutual respect - we take your comments, criticism, and recommendations very seriously.


  • Mutual privacy of your personal information and our unique product development & capabilities, which you will learn about in the process.

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