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Setting Expectations, Defining Boundaries, Warranty and Terms of Use.

Alpha plan. June 1st  2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to LittleOne.Care.

We have made a great deal of effort to formulate the terms of use in a way that will enable a clear and straightforward reading for every participant. Enjoy the reading.


LittleOne.Care is in the development stage.

The platform includes: a product, an application and the technology. The participation in the Alpha planis for the benefit of collecting data and improving the solution’s algorithm and artificial intelligence performance.


The names given to the different testing stages are: Pilot, Alpha, and Beta. You are joining the second and last stage of the Alpha plan.


The kit you have received includes:

  • A small device we call “PILI” (my elephant in Hebrew) to gather data. It includes an electronic card and battery that are packed in a plastic package.

  • A tablet + charger

  • A network cable to connect the tablet with the device, which transfers the data and recharges it.

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What’s in the Elephant?

Electronic Card
During the Alpha plan, we use a versatile electronic card (with a wide range of capabilities) for various testing and developing, similarly to our Alpha plan. The card is acquired from a specialized US factory. In the future, this electronic card will be replaced with a dedicated one, which we are developing in our own labs.  In the pack you received included the first page of a 28 pages document, which presents the international standards which the card stands under. The card complies with the following international standards: IC, FCC, RoHS.
To review the card page through the American FCC standards: Click here

To review the technical specifications of the card on the manufacturer's website, click here.

The battery is lithium-ion. The batteries are produced in the General Electronics Technology factory under the ISO 9001 quality standards. The batter includes protection systems from overcharging and overloading, in accordance with the standard.
The battery complies with standards including even the flight standard UN3480. Learn more about the battery here.


Plastic Packaging of the Device
It is clear to all of us that a simple and easy use along with a nice look and comfort level  is also important for the success of the venture.
During the Alpha plan participants will be provided with different packages of the product, along with different baby clothing attachment methods. The package that wraps the product is produced through 3D printers. The plastic we use also complies with regulations related to food, which are in contact with the mouth - for example cups. This means that nothing will happen to a baby that licks the device, for example.
During the entire development process we only use materials that are tailored to the baby /food market, and at any minute we can send you the approvals for any substance in use.

We work with two materials:

  • PolyLacticAcid - PLA - a polymer that is based on milk. The material is not toxic and safe for usage. For details on the material click here.

  • Nylon 12 - Polymer that is approved for use, even for devices that are inserted to human bodies. For more information about the material click here.

Shape and size of the device

There are defined instructions for the shape and size of each product or toy that is in proximity or usage of children under the age of 3. The size of the device must be larger than the minimum standards set for the baby market, so that even if the baby puts the device in their mouth, it will not be able to pass the gullet. The device you have received, as others you will receive in the future, comply with these regulations.
For details on standards for parts at risk of swallowing click here.

No Transmission. No Radiation.
The device’s settings do not enable it to transmit via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or any other frequency method. The only way to ‘extract’ the information from the device is via a physical connection to its base station.

Water resistance
The device is not water resistance and has a charge socket that can get dirty. In the future, and depending on the venture’s progress, we will work to create our own card that will combine the sound and activity. The future device is planned to be fully water resistant, in order to fit the baby’s surroundings and be able to clean it easily.
Until the water resistant device is developed, please stop using it in any case of it getting. Just let us know, and we will be happy to replace it.

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Data Collection and Processing

Data Collection - Movement


At any given moment the device collects the overall movement data including the acceleration in the different directions. The final result is a long table of numbers.

We developed artificial intelligence that learns to analyse these numbers in order to understand the baby’s movement. During the rechard period it uploads the movement data to the LittleOne.Care server in order to analyse the activity, and send it processed back to your application.


This data analysis includes breath recognition, wake and sleep status, laying (on stomach/back)...etc.


Through the information from the Alpha plan we will develop, among other things, the ability to recognize and automatically decode different templates of walking and crawling.

Our goal is to improve the baby activity recognition algorithms

It is important to note that we regularly perform various testing to improve our solution, and therefore, we do not ensure completely accurate or consistent data reports

During the Alpha period the device will also analyse the number of breaths per minute the baby takes while at sleep, but we will not report in real-time during emergencies, falling, shaing, bodily harm or loss of breath.

Data Collection - Sounds


We teach our algorithms to recognize crying. The current accuracy level is 97% and is continuously improving. In the future we would like to analyse the different reasons for crying. For the benefit of analysing the crying we collect recording tracks of cry via a voice sensor. The button performs a check and if the voice includes baby crying sound it records it.

The recorded voice tracks will serve us ONLY for improving the solutions’ algorithm.

The voice tracks are uploaded in an encrypted and secure manner along with the baby’s movement, to the LittleOne.Care server.

The sound files are converted to images and the artificial intelligence improves the cry recognition capabilities along with the reason for crying, through analysing of the wave and voice energy. Within the 4 second sound track, beyond cry, other voices will be heard that characterize the house or surroundings: dog barks, cat cry (if you have one), TV music, people speaking. When you are outside the house this also includes a car, if you are driving for example.

Our goal is to improve our performance so that the cry recognition and its reason will be performed better and better, even if the cry happens along with the surrounding noise. The sound track analysis and cry is performed after uploading the data, via the server of LittleOne.Care automatically without human intervention. Only in (rare) cases that the LittleOne.Care server requires assistance in deciding whether it is a cry or not, will a company employee listen to a random voice track of 4 seconds at most. In any case, the LittleOne.Care employee will not be able to connect between the family and the voice track.

In order to respect the people around you, it is important for us to clarify, that in every Alpha plan participation you will need to tell those around the baby that the device is recording a 4 second sound track, in cases the baby will cry, and it is possible that some of the recordings will include surrounding sounds that include the people around the baby.

Artificial intelligence learning is an interesting process that continues to improve itself. The more data the further and faster the learning, the more accurate the result is.


Location of the Device


We ask that you ensure a consistent placement of the device, as well as keeping it balanced. The more you manage to do this, the better our process of improvement will be.

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Voice commands

Device Voice Commands

We are opening up to you a tagging capability via a button, which includes the baby’s meaningful events and activities. When you turn the device right-left, delicately, 3 times in a row over 1 second, it will enable you to record your voice commands.

The voice command is actually your personal voice file, that lasts up to 4 seconds, and is kept in the device under “voice command” until the upload of the data to the LittleOne.Care server.

After the data upload, the file will go through a conversion process into a Speech to Text record, and the voice command will appear in your daily activity diary at the same time you recorded it.

The Role of Voice Commands

The baby’s diary automatically presents the sleep time (rest) and activity of the baby, along with the cry times (later baby mumble and laughter).

The voice commands are designed to allow you to record and add, at any time of the day, a relevant event to the sequence of events that happened during the day. The documentation will allow you to better analyze the sequence of events and their relationships, for example: What made the baby cry? What contributed to their deep sleep and when exactly did you play for your baby.

In addition, tagging will help us improve our algorithms. For example, in each case we examine the baby's movements adjacent to a voice command tag that indicates feeding will allow us to teach our algorithms about suction movements and subsequently identify these types of events independently.

List of Voice Commands

The voice commands work in the English language only, A voice command can be any sentence that is less than 4 seconds. For non-English mother tongue speakers, the Speech to Text commands can recognize the directions in the wrong way. Therefore, we suggest using short and simple words for each actions.

Main Keywords - in the future you will be able to add more:

אפשר לומר כל משפט העיקר שהמילה הבאה באנגלית תופיע בו

  • Diaper for diaper change

  • Shower / Bath for shower time

  • Feed / Bottle / Food / Eat for feeding or breastfeeding 

  • Play / Play time  for activities and play time

  • Stroll / Outside any time you go outside

  • Sleep / Bed / Nap / Good night any time your baby go to sleep

Later also:

  • PooPoo / Poop

  • PeePee  / Wee

  • Daddy / Mommy / Dad / Mom / Granma / Grandpa / Babysitter / Pet - for quality time

  • Story / Story time

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The Tablet's Role

The tablet you received has 3 tasks:


  1. The main role of the tablet  is to charger for the device, so that each time you plug the device to the tablet it will get charged.

  2. During Alpha plan, the tablet will be used as a base station that sends the data from the device to LittleOne.Care servers by using the Tablet's wi-fi connection. Sending the data to LittleOne.Care server enables LittleOne.Care AI to process the date and send your LittleOne.Care application daily summary and insights.

  3. Regularly and as part of the data transfer process, the algorithm within the device will be updated from time to time to improve performance. At no point will there be changes to the functions that the button provides (emergency reporting for example) without your prior approval.


Connecting the device to the tablet for charging

The final product is planned to perform for 3 days without recharging, however, during the Alpha plan the device will operate for 20 hours in between charging.

Charging time is also used for the benefit of uploading data to the LittleOne.Care servers.

Therefore, we recommend that you select a regular time in the day for charging (during a bath time for example). Once the device completes charging, the battery is full, the tablet will beep (gently) every few minutes to remind you to put it back on the baby.

Connecting the device to the tablet for data upload.

In order to perform the data upload you must ensure the tablet is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

In a case where there is no internet connection - you will not be able to upload data and therefore will not receive back a report on the baby’s daily activity.

Each time the data upload process is performed successfully, you will receive a notification to the tablet that signals a successful data upload.

A few minutes following the message of data upload success, if your phones are also connected to the internet, you will also receive a daily update to your mobile.

Again, as long as you didn’t get a message on the tablet reporting a successful upload - you will not receive the information on your phone app.

Terms and charging explanations, synchronization process and data upload to the server:


Synchronization - passing of the data between the device to the tablet and from the tablet to the device.


Upload data to the server - synchronization between the tablet and the LittleOne.Care server.


A few minutes after the data arrives at the LittleOne.Care servers, you will receive analysed information and reports to the application. As long as the procedure wasn’t completed - you will not receive new information about your baby to the application.

Charging white.png

Lightning sign off - device isn’t connected to the tablet, charger, or electrical source.

Charging red.png

Charging Light  Flashing -  device is connected to tablet and in charging mode

Charging red.png

Lightning sign on - device is fully charged. Battery available for 20 hours.

Sync white.png

Arrow sign off - Synchronization process hasn’t started between the device and tablet.

Sync red.png

Arrow sign flashing - Synchronization process between the device and tablet is on now.

Sync red.png

Arrow sign on - Synchronization process between the device and tablet has ended.

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Application and Information you will receive

LittleOne.Care App

Downloading the application isn’t complete until you haven't affiliated your personal phone to the device. In addition, as long as the app development isn’t completed, it will not be found in the Apple Store. Parents that have an Apple phone - the application and information updates is always present on the tablet you received.

During the Alpha period, affiliation between your personal phone and the device is performed physically by connecting the device to your personal mobile device.

app screenshots2.jpg

Only once you perform this, through a physical connection between the two, will the data uploaded to the LittleOne.Care server will be completed as well as a mutual recognition between your phone and the device.

After the data upload is complete through on your personal phone to the LittleOne.Care server, will it recognize your mobile as the one connected to the device, and from then on, each time you upload the data through the tablet it will send back information to the app installed on your personal phone.


Every device can be affiliated, aside from the tablet you received, to 2 phones. You can select and add phone/other users.

Emergency Reports


During the entire Alpha period you will not receive an emergency report, even if, heaven forbid, they will happen. It is important to us to clarify that in the future the device will assist to prevent, ahead of time, accidents and emergency situations. During the entire alpha period you should not expect this of the device or from us. If and when we will turn on the emergency reporting, you will be notified separately, with a message that requires a specific approval from you. Even then, the responsibility for the life and health of the baby is solely on you.

Baby reflex small.jpg

Baby Experts on the Application

We, at LittleOne.Care, believe that there is a tremendous importance to working with the parent community and the expert community.


In the baby’s world there are many experts from various areas.



We believe that in the long term, the information that will appear on our app can be essential, especially for the dialog between parents and experts - during consultancy conversation for example.


Therefore, the app already presentes, alongside the data and reports, bubbles that contain quotes and remarks of Ph. D.s, development experts, psychologists, physiotherapists and consultants participating in the insights the app provides. In most cases, the quotes also include redirection to academic articles in the field.

LittleOne.Care Little Communities

LittleOne.Care works to establish a community of parents and experts through the app and website. 

Our approach: We welcome every professional with no exclusive rights.

  1. We will be happy if you send professionals our way, whom you believe in or work with.

  2. LittleOne.Care recognized the fact that there are different types of treatments and diagnostic methods in the baby’s market, and allows each expert to express their work concept, and is not responsible for the information advertised by the various professionals.

  3. At the same time, the quotes from the various experts do not make them responsible for the type of information, units of measurement and quality of information you receive in the app.

  4. Any time you ask, you can make direct contact with the experts. Contacting them is under your responsibility and personal wishes only.

The quality of information, performance improvements, and look & feel of the app during the alpha, will go through many changes so that we can receive your opinion on the various screen designs, report structures and unit measurements. App updates on your phones and tablets will be done via the Google app store. In any way the updates will change the use conditions, you will be asked to approve the conditions (this document) which we will be sure to separate and highlight changes.


At the bottom of each page on the app you can, at any minute, provide comments for each page separately.


Pay Attention!

As long as the development stage of the artificial intelligence isn’t complete, including the method of presenting the information on the app, you might receive partial information, which isn’t consistent or wrong. We don’t approve your usage of the information received, make conclusions or decisions that are based on this data.

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Keep Your Privacy

Alpha parents.png

Interview with Parents

We are learning a great deal from parents. Our main goal is to listen to you and understand directly (and in between the lines) what should be done to improve your baby’s life, and as important your quality of life as a family.

Feel free to send us ides, thoughts - it could really help.


We don’t promise we will implement every idea or agree with it all - but do promise to make a true effort to understand and listen.

During the program we will ask you to give us feedback, answer short questionnaires (once a month), sometimes we will talk to you on the phone and ask that you to send us photos of the product location.


  1. We don’t want to disrupt your way of life.

  2. We will be happy for any cooperation from your end.

  3. Any such activity is set in advance, so it won’t take up time.

The use of your surveys and pictures (location of the device on the baby’s stomach) that you send us is only for the purpose of learning, and presenting within the walls of the company and potential investors

Responsibility for Maintaining Information

We are making all reasonable efforts to maintain your personal information at a good level, and are committing to erasing any customer information once a request is made, in writing, under ths the strict GDPR guidelines.


What is GDPR

GDPR is a strict European guideline. We adhere to three principles of PDPR at the alpha stage:


First principle: full transparency and our willingness to explain to every participant:


  1. The type of information we are collecting.

  2. The reason we are collecting this information.

  3. The usage we make of this information.


Second principle: In any instance that you send us a written message (even via whatsapp) we will erase, immediately, all information that was collected including the history. You will not have to explain to justify your request. You ask - we perform. Period.


Third principle: data security - perform reasonable actions that are required to maintain your information and privacy.

First principle: What is the data we gather used for


Our work assumption is of a product development aimed at the international market. The information gathered now is used as an initial index for our learning tagging network. In simple words, the Israeli baby defines to our learning server the movement/basic voices from which we will go to market, internationally


Once we open up the app, the information will enable us to present parents with comparative data about the baby over a period of time. For example: how much was the baby active today in comparison to yesterday. Or any other week in comparison with the previous one. Why is this important? We found that it interests parents the development over a period of time, to compare under which care they are more active and how the graph looks before/after vaccination...etc.


The information will also serve as comparative data we can give parents between your baby and others, during the time period of development / activity / sleep / noise pollution / and maybe even language skills in the distant future (speech therapist) of the child.

Second principle: deletion of information under your instructions. Simple and immediate.

Deleting the information will only be completed once we receive a text message from you.

The deletion will include any historical data and accompanied by a message the action was completed.

Third principle: Information Security

The information you forward to us is sent in an encoded manner, saved on our encoded servers.

In big businesses there is a person responsible for “information security”. At this point in time, our company does not have such a role, but it's while noting there are 4 developers who operated, among other activities, in cyber during their military service. This is how they know and operate under a responsible and professional manner.

What are we committing to?


  1. Full transparency with the program participants

  2. Act in good faith and fairnes

  3. Give the product for free, once the development is completed

  4. Leave the tablet to you as a present, once the Alpha trial has ended, in the case you fully participated in an active manner (approximately 2.5 months). In case you didn’t started your participation, we will ask for the tablet back to enable families on the waiting list to join in your place.

What are we trying to do?

Surprise you for the better.

What aren’t we committing to?


  1. We are not committing to success. It is important to understand that as long as the product does not comply with our strict demands we will not go to market with a final product.

  2. It is important for us to note that it is possible we will produce information which isn’t accurate or consistent throughout the program’s given the testings, updates and checks we are conducting.


Throughout the entire Alpha trial we do not commit to send information or to the quality of information you will receive.


At the same time, we promise to make every possible effort to improve the quality and accuracy of the information produced, along with its approach and presentation for you.

What are the dangers we see in the product (extreme cases)

So long as the product isn’t made of flexible silicone or other flexible material, we are continuously trying to test and evaluate the risks of an extreme case. The only fear we have is if the plastic breaks. In most houses this sounds unreasonable, however there are cases where this is possible. Therefore, we want to make sure you are aware and understand this, and it is your responsibility to prevent such cases.


Relations between the parties

Whether you are parents or industry experts, we thank you for volunteering to our Alpha trial. It is important to mention that:


  • You are not obligated to participate and

  • You can stop at any time you wish

  • At no point is there a employee/employer conditions or financial rewards while participating in the alpha trial.


During the talks, dialogs, and surveys we will conduct with each one of your separately or during the joining meetings, it is possible that many creative ideas will come up. We will ask various questions and be happy to receive your opinion. For the benefit of organization, it is important for us to clarify in advance that you do not have copyrights on anything relating to our activity area, even on ideas that you shared. We have every right to do as we please with the conclusions and information you chose to share with us.​


Changes, additions and updates in the terms of use.

You are joining a development process that is both interesting and fascinating. During this process we will improve our algorithms in order to get the intended result - but in an accurate manner. At the same time, if we wish to add a new functionality we will let you know, and ask your permission through the application The additions and changes to this document will appear in a friendly manner so that you can understand simply - what has changed and what you approve.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

Everyone makes mistakes. The essence of this Alpha trial is to get things wrong from time to time and correct them quickly. We too are bound to make mistakes. Of course we will try not to. Meaning, we will make every effort to avoid mistakes that could have been recognized in advance, and invest an even greater effort to avoid mistakes we already made, if we did. At the same time, eros and omissions excepted.

Thank you

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your participation in this venture.

If there is something that keeps us busy it is one thing - to do everything possible to positively surprise you.

For questions or further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely,


LittleOne.Care team