What Parents Like About LittleOne


Not knowing how my baby is doing is so hard while working... every parent needs one of these ❤❤

~ Alicia C.


Tracks Baby's Vitals, Motions, Cry and Unique Sounds to Always Know Your Baby Is Ok.

A Little Eye

On The One You Love

Taking your eyes off your baby is the most frightening thing for every parent. That’s why parents choose LittleOne's smart device and are reassured their baby is okay, everywhere and all the time.

Cutting edge personalized AI tracks in real time baby's activities and sounds to guide parents during their LittleOne's first years.

First wearable device without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmissions.


Always know your little one is OK


First Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary app using voice commands.

Personalized interpretation of your baby’s crying sounds.

Baby Tracker Diary Using Voice Commands & Crying Analysis 

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A healthy lifestyle is important for babies. The World Health Organization provides guidelines in three key areas: physical activity, screen time and sleep time.

LittleOne's smart wearable device constantly monitors these key areas to provide you with insights that support your parenting skills.

Additional Health Benefits

As parents, we all wish to understand our baby a little bit more. LittleOne tracks crying and laughter sounds to understand when your baby is happiest, so you can give your little one the best.

Smile more


Why Anywhere

& Anytime?



Your baby’s growing schedule might get busy: Daycare in the morning, park walk with the nanny in the afternoon, or a date evening with the babysitter.

LittleOne smartband has a battery that lasts all day and it doesn’t require a base station. Its surface is hypoallergenic silicone and it’s designed for the comfort of your baby during activity and rest.

With the LittleOne smartband, you can know your baby is well-treated and make sure they’re getting enough physical activity, even when you're away.

How does it work from everywhere?



LittleOne has a disabled cellular capability dedicated for emergency communication, which is always turned off (as in airplane mode). Its smart algorithms learn your baby’s signs, and are able to detect abnormalities such as an excessive crying.


When LittleOne detects that something has gone wrong, it temporarily goes off the airplane mode, directly calls a predefined phone list, and notifies the surroundings with an alert sound. This way, when everything is okay with the baby, no transmission is made at all.

I wish I could have had it with my first baby.

~ Kelli N.     

Have a little eye on the one you love!