Can LittleOne reduce shaken baby syndrome by a caregiver?

Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is an injury to a child's head caused by someone else. In most cases the reason is frustration from a prolonged baby cry. LittleOne assists in several ways: 1. Understanding a baby’s cry helps in treating the baby’s needs to stop the cry in the first place. (You can provide the caregiver with permission in your app settings.) 2. The parents get an alert for excessive cry, allowing them to contact the caregiver or change a caregiver that constantly fails to appease their baby. 3. Knowing they are supervised, caregivers act more responsibly.

How does LittleOne smartband help to detect possible neglect?

LittleOne smartband listens to your baby’s cry sound and tracks their movements. It has a smart unique AI algorithm that learns a baby’s personal cry sound to evaluate the excessive crying point. If an excessive prolonged crying sound is detected, LittleOne smartband will directly call your predefined phone list. This information allows you to understand the baby’s moods while you were away. LittleOne smartband will also activate a sound alert to notify the caregiver about the baby’s distress.

What nannies think about LittleOne

Based on our experience, caregivers appreciate parents who use the LittleOne smartband. They like using the app to understand your baby’s cry. The positive feedback they get encourages them to play and laugh with babies more. With privacy in mind, nannies report that the LittleOne band causes significantly less discomfort than baby video monitors.

Can I use LittleOne smartband to record the nanny?

By default, LittleOne smartband does not record any voice not made by the baby, and it does not invade the nanny’s privacy. For example, it will let you know the amount of words your baby heard, but not the words themselves. If it is legal in your state, you may choose to record the audio during a specific period of the day. In such cases, you carry all the legal responsibility for the audio record.

What sensors does LittleOne smartband have?

LittleOne smartband measures heart rate, blood oxygen level, skin temperature, acceleration, and microphone for crying and laughter sounds and word count. These metrics are used to understand the baby's wellbeing, cry sound and activity.

What data is collected about my baby?

By default, the LittleOne app sends encrypted data. This data is used to personalize the smart algorithm to your baby. Immediatly after this use the data become anonymous and support the development of other product features. Worth mentioning is the fact that audio records containing voice are never sent to the database.

How does LittleOne smartband send alerts when my baby is away?

LittleOne’s communication is designed to make any alert reach you anytime and anywhere. When LittleOne detects something has gone wrong, it will first send an emergency message via standard communication (Bluetooth). If normal communication cannot reach you, it will temporarily go off the airplane mode, and use the cellular network to send an emergency message. This message will be received by the emergency server, which will make emergency calls to your predefined phone list.

How can I get updates while I’m at work?

While LittleOne’s battery charger is near the smartband, it serves as a relay, getting data from LittleOne smartband via Bluetooth and sending it to your phone via your home WiFi network. You can easily set up WiFi relay via the LittleOne app settings. Emergency communication does not require this to be activated and will work even if your WiFi is down or when your baby is away.

Will LittleOne smartband emit transmission that may harm my baby?

No. While LittleOne smartband senses your baby is okay, no transmission is required. You may choose to turn on LittleOne smartband’s Bluetooth to get real-time vitals data and insights (either directly to your phone or to the charger, which converts those to WiFi). Only when LittleOne detects something has gone wrong it will send a short emergency message, equivalent to sending a single SMS from your phone. This message will be received by the emergency server, which will make the emergency calls to everyone on your predefined phone list.

Does LittleOne smartband violate my privacy?

No. By default the product sends encrypted data, which is used to make precision improvements and adjustments for your baby, and then it immediatly become anonymous. The anonymous data is than used to contribute to the general baby development database. No audio record is sent by LittleOne smartband. Instead, only data such as baby cry intensity is being sent.

Is WiFi required for LittleOne smartband’s operation?

WiFi is not required for emergency alerts or data collection. WiFi is needed only for getting all updates in real time when you are away from your baby. Without WiFi you will get the full data report once you return to your baby.

How is this technology different from other monitors on the market?

LittleOne smartband offers a few unique features: 1. Unlike video monitors, LittleOne smartband alerts you when something appears to be wrong. 2. LittleOne smartband is the only monitor that can alert you from nearly anywhere your baby is. There are no base station or camera line-of-sight limitations. 3. We use clinically proven technologies that measure the baby’s vitals. LittleOne smartband is designed to notify you of any major event such as changes in your baby's heart rate or oxygen levels, or if their skin temperature falls out of predetermined range. 4. LittleOne smartband is the only monitor that tracks baby cry and laughter sounds. It will alert you of any excessive prolonged crying. It will also evaluate your baby’s wellbeing and what makes them happy. 5. LittleOne smartband monitors all 3 measures of the World Health Organization recommended for greatest health benefits: physical activity, sedentary screen time and sleep time.

What is included in the LittleOne smartband package?

The package includes the smartband, two rechargeable batteries, a charger, and a charger cord.

What batteries are needed?

LittleOne uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The product package includes two batteries to let you switch an empty battery with a fresh one without waiting for it to recharge.

Does the LittleOne product have a warranty?

Yes. it has a one-year warranty. It also has 45-day satisfaction warranty, allowing you to return the product for a full refund.

What is the subscription payment for?

To have maximal cover and reliability, LittleOne’s emergency communication uses the cellular network. The subscription payment is required for the cellular provider. When you buy LittleOne Band you get 24 months for free, and can extend it via the LittleOne app for $6/month. Without the emergency subscription, LittleOne smartband will still function normally, but will be able to alert for emergency only by sound and through bluetooth signal.

What health benefits aspects are measured by LittleOne smartband?

According to the World Health Organization report, infants and young children should meet three recommendations for greatest health benefits: physical activity duration, sedentary screen duration and sleep duration. LittleOne smartband helps you track all three measures of your baby, and compare it to the recommended values.

Which age group does LittleOne smartband suit the most?

LittleOne smartband is verified to fit babies from birth up to 4 years, and usually can fit older kids as well. Infants are meant to wear it on their thigh, while toddlers can wear it above the ankle, and later on the arm. Caregiver monitoring is useful as long as the baby/toddler can’t fully explain their experience with a nanny or during daycare.

Does LittleOne smartband work with clothes?

Yes. LittleOne smartband can fit perfectly under any clothing. Just make sure it directly touches the baby’s skin.

Which iPhone is needed to read the data?

Any phone will be able to receive a phone call alert. Our app requires iPhone devices running iOS 8.4 or later. It can be also installed on iPad, or iPod, as long as it is running iOS 8.4 or later.

Which Android device is needed to read the data?

Any phone will be able to receive a phone call alert. Our app requires devices running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher. It can be also installed on tablets, as long as they are running Android 4.1 or later.

What happens if LittleOne smartband is removed or falls off?

LittleOne smartband will send you a message notifying you it was removed.

What happens if my baby chews the LittleOne smartband?

No worries, LittleOne smartband is made of safe medical-grade silicone. LittleOne smartband and every part of it meets CPSC’s small part regulations, so your baby can’t choke on it.

How should my baby wear LittleOne smartband?

Your baby can wear LittleOne smartband on their thigh or above the ankle.

What are LittleOne smartband’s alerts?

LittleOne smartband will alert you upon detection of: low oxygen level, low or high heart rate, and prolonged severe cry. The exact alert values are based on healthy recommendations for your baby’s age and can be seen through the app. You can customize additional alerts and remove others via the app.

Does LittleOne smartband GUARANTEE the safety of my baby?

No. LittleOne is a consumer product that provides parents insights into their baby's wellbeing, as well as peace of mind during the baby’s sleep time. The LittleOne smartband is not an FDA-approved medical device and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, alleviate, or prevent any disease or health condition, or investigate, replace, or modify any physiological process. You are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your baby and following safe sleep, health, and care guidelines. Please read our full disclaimer here.

What about choke hazard?

LittleOne is designed for babies. All its parts have been kept as small as possible yet are swallow-proof. LittleOne band and its components meet CPSC’s choke hazard regulations.

Is pulse oximetry safe?

Yes. It has been used and tested in a wide variety of medical products for more than 30 years, and no long-term effects have been found. LittleOne uses a low-power pulse oximetry sensor.

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