Telling a mom not to worry about her baby is like telling water not to get wet.

Millennials trust welltech in every aspect of life, and now they are becoming parents.


They wish to know that their baby receives the best care for all their needs, both when with them and when with others.


40% CAGR

$30B Mobile Health



of parents will pay for advance tracking tech


market influenced by

babies’ wellbeing

Make parenting a little easier with the first baby wellbeing service providing personalized insights and 24/7 peace of mind

  • First smart device with an AI that shows the reason for crying

  • First device that protects your baby 24/7 at all locations

  • First baby diary tracking the baby’s emotional and developmental story

  • First infant technology free of bluetooth or wifi transmissions

Meet LittleOne.Care

How does it work?

LittleOne.Care synchronizes the data of acceleration and sound sensors in a wearable device for babies. Two neural networks are applied, one in the device for real-time lifesaving alerts and the second in the cloud for baby tracker app and long term insights.

LittleOne.Care Smart wearable device.png

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We are looking for the next investment in order to complete the Beta stage and begin production readiness.