Telling a mom not to worry about her baby is like telling water not to get wet.

Millennials trust Google more than their parents’ life experience.

69% of parents are willing to pay for advanced technologies that remotely track their baby.


US baby market influence


Of parents will pay for advance tracking tech


Potential direct sales

Make parenting a little easier with the first wearable smart device providing unbiased data and personalized insights

  • First Smart device with AI to interpret reason of cry

  • First device that protects your baby 24/7 at all locations

  • First infant technology free of bluetooth or wifi transmissions

  • First Baby Tracker & Newborn Diary app using parents voice commands

Meet LittleOne.Care

How does it work?

We synchronize the data of acceleration sensors with sound sensors in a wearable device for babies. We develop two neural networks, one in the device for real-time emergencies and the second in the cloud for baby tracker app and long term AI insights. 

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We are looking for the next investment in order to complete Beta stage and begin production readiness. 

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