Empowering parents with the missing pieces in their baby’s life

Our company was founded by engineer parents with the ambition to harness new technology to create a safer and more aware environment to their little ones. We developed an advanced portable AI algorithm that learns the baby’s crying sound to make sure our little ones are heard when they need us the most – even if we're away. Seeing its impact on our peace of mind, drove us to pack this algorithm, along with other innovative technologies, into a comfortable smartband that can bring more confidence to parents and their babies everywhere.

My son’s birth was the happiest moment of my life, and one of the scariest. Nothing I’ve ever experienced resembled my helplessness in guiding my son and helping him to overcome any problem.

I thought to myself, “Modern technology lets me easily communicate with and understand any person around the globe. Yet, I can’t be sure what is happening with my son when he’s away, and when he’s next to me I can’t always understand him”.

The need was clear, and the idea was born. Now, a few years later, the engineering is done and we are ready to share our solution with the world.

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