Baby Steps Roadmap

Updated Roadmap for Navigating Your Baby Smartwatch's Evolution and Growth


Collecting data and creating a dataset

Customizing smartwatch functionalities

Comprehensive baby diary within the App

Baby Experts features: Phase one

This quarter

This quarter


Developing an advanced cry detection model.

Developing an advanced speech detection model

Facilitating sharing requests with baby experts
Allowing parents to send sharing requests to baby experts and share their baby's collected data and reports.

Enabling in-app chat functionality
Allowing parents and experts to connect and communicate within the application.

November 20, 2023

Product launch on International Kids Rights Day.
Shipment of all pre-ordered smartwatches.
Setting up "Unboxing Party" events.



Releasing the "Word Count" report.

Implementing Speech-to-Text functionality, for instance, for nutrition assessment

This quarter

This quarter


Enhancing the Advanced Reports Interface
Introducing a new advanced reports interface on the web for baby experts, enabling them to generate reports that are not available to parents within the application.

  • Smartwatch for babies
  • Smartwatch for babies
  • Smartwatch for babies
  • Smartwatch for babies
  • Smartwatch for babies