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Eat, Sleep, Cry and Repeat?

Diving Into What a Baby Needs

By: Olivia Sakhai

Most people believe that a baby’s day only consists of eating, sleeping, and crying. However, is that fact always true? Can parents create other activities to make the day more exciting, or is this three-step routine enough?

Babies need constant attention, especially newborns. But, besides feeding your baby, what else can you do to provide for them? Being with friends and creating a playgroup is a great way to start. Your child will be able to enjoy the outdoors while you can have time to be with other parents. Sometimes, though, exhaustion or other commitments can make finding playgroup time difficult. Instead, use that time to have precious one-on-one time with your baby, catch up on sleep, or tidy up around the house.

You do not always need to play with your baby or give them constant attention. Letting your baby play on their own and learn to enjoy their own company from a young age can be the best action for them and YOU. You can still give your baby constant attention and love, but giving yourself a break is essential. Whether this break means more tummy time, getting a baby bouncer, or letting your baby lie down, the more variation, the better.

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