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Extra! Extra! We’re Looking for Experts!

Searching for Baby Experts to Join the LittleOne.Care Family

By: Anna Bromfeld

Attention all baby experts, the LittleOne.Care Beta trial is underway! LittleOne.Care is developing a platform that includes a baby's wearable device, a cell phone application for parents, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our solution interprets the reasons for crying, assesses day-to-day treatment quality, encourages activities to support the baby’s development, and alerts parents and caregivers before emergencies occur. In general, baby experts tend to be more objective than parents in terms of analyzing baby behavior. Therefore, LittleOne.Care’s unique characteristic is that we provide accurate and objective detailed observations starting from Day One of the baby’s life.

Currently, our team is comprised of a small number of child development experts. However, you are the missing piece. We are offering you the opportunity to join our team because we can create value for you. Our marketing plan aims to reach 100,000 users within 18 months after the product launch; you will have complete access to this group. We can offer you free exposure to new parents and easily accessible data to learn about a baby’s history, trends, routines, and major life behaviors. In addition, as an early adopter, you will earn your own, personal profile page on our application where we will promote your lectures, events, and activities.

Parents receive a lot of data and details about their baby’s daily events. However, on many occasions, parents will not know what to do with this information. With our solution, parents will be able to click on any icon within the application and a pop-up will appear. The pop-up will show short insights or facts that were written in advance by experts who established their free account in LittleOne.Care application. If you click to continue to the expert’s profile, you can view the expert’s background in more detail.

LittleOne.Care is using cutting-edge technology to give babies a voice. LittleOne.Care is the present and future of baby wellness. Join the cause now.

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