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What to do to make sure babies are well protected

How to make sure our babies are protected

Accidents happen. It's a fact, especially when it comes to infants. Regardless of the best care we provide, the tools we use at home or outside, or endless efforts, they just do.

Accidents happen at home, in the car, at day-care, while at the park and take all different. In fact, parents spend countless minutes thinking of what ‘could’ happen, and sometimes even too much.

It’s a fact, accidents happen. Especially when it comes to our LittleOnes.

As parents we do our best to provide the best care inside and outside our homes.

What are the most common baby accidents?

According to healthcare providers around the world, the most commonly reported accidents are:

Falling- Falling is the most common cause of accidental injury to a baby. A fall from being carried, from the dresser at diaper changing time, trying to climb out of their crib and even a fall from the playground swing.

Choking - what we adults can easily chew on, is a threat to babies. It could be grapes that aren’t cut properly or even a piece of bread they can’t process well.

Choking- Food is a common choking hazard. Many babies swallow their food whole. The most hazardous foods are grapes, raw vegetables, and raisins. Always take extra care when feeding your baby and never leave your baby alone with food.

Cars- Keeping your baby safe in a car is one of the most important jobs as a parent. But making sure our babies are safely restrained is not our only worry. A sleep-deprived or stressed parent can easily forget that their baby is still in their car seat as they carry out their daily routine resulting in a growing number of deaths of babies left in cars on hot days.

Medications & Chemicals- Accidental poisoning is a common accident within babies and toddlers. Most poisonings happen at home as it's very easy to underestimate the abilities of climbing toddlers.

Technology - our new best friend…

How can we decrease the danger and protect our little ones?

LittleOne.Care provides a unique technology that protects children from 0 to 3 years and is designed to prevent emergencies and accidents occurring.

The solution is based on a unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology, as it monitors and protects the baby throughout the day. LittleOne.Care detects unusual cries - and relates it to an accident or mistreatment.

It detects if the baby is left alone in the car - by monitoring the vehicle movements stop, doors slammed, and whether or not the child was lifted from his chair. There are quite a few cases of forgetfulness in the car that are not reported and are not related to the hot summer days (in the evening, winter).

The goal of the device is to prevent, in advance, not only the injury caused by the heat increase in the car but also the anxiety of the baby's anxiety levels mental abandonment

The goal of the device is to prevent, in advance, not only the injury caused by the heat increase in the car but also the anxiety of the baby's mental abandonment

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