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Simplifying Baby Safety

Alerting Parents and Caregivers Before Emergencies Occur

By: Anna Bromfeld

As parents, you are told many different opinions on how to keep your child safe. Always put your baby to sleep on his or her back, keep very small items out of your baby’s reach, never leave your baby unattended where he or she may fall, and install baby gates if you have stairs. These are just some of the vast amount of safety tips parents are told to follow to protect their children. However, we are all only human. Therefore, constantly being on guard to ensure your baby is one hundred percent safe at all times is impossible. This is where LittleOne.Care comes into the picture.

Our solution alerts parents and caregivers before emergencies happen. For example, if our device detects that your baby falls, the device will beep and a red LED light will appear. The sound has two purposes: to get the attention of the parent or caregiver in the baby’s surrounding area and to warn the parent or caregiver that a bad event has occurred. Once the device detects an emergency, the sound and red light will remain until you place the device back into the docking station.

Any emergency the device detects will result in the same sound and red light. Currently, our device detects excessive shaking and crying, extreme shouting, and if the baby falls. Also, our device can alert if it fails to detect movement. If the device detects emergencies, such as excessive shaking or a fall, the device will alert the parent or caregiver immediately and in real-time. In addition, the device will alert immediately if the device fails to detect movement for 15 seconds or more. If the device detects emergencies such as excessive crying and extreme shouting, the parent or caregiver will not be notified until they place the device into the docking station and upload the data from the day’s activities. With these insights, parents or caregivers can determine if underlying issues exist with the baby and can take appropriate measures.

We take pride in the safety aspects of our solution and are working hard to make it foolproof. With that being said, we advise that users do not solely rely on our device for emergency alerts. We hope that with time our device will be able to accurately alert parents and caregivers in the future one hundred percent of the time.


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