LittleOne.Care is providing parents a personalized AI PLATFORM to recognize the baby’s reason for crying, and improve their wellbeing, safety, development and happiness

LittleOne.Care alerts the parents when it detects the baby’s vital signs or crying sound have left normal range, and presents the baby’s happiness and physical activity during the day.


It is easy to use, comfortable to wear, made of hypoallergenic silicone, and swallow-proof.

LittleOne.Care platform includes Smart wearable device, Docking station, AI and Application for your cellphone you can download here

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LittleOneOne.Care Baby's Wearable Device 
Charging Station
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LittleOne device uses AI to tracks and learn your baby movements and voices. Our deep learning platform provides insights and maps your baby activities and events. The device alerts in real-time in case of emergencies.
LittleOne.Care does not  replace or reduces parents or caregiver's responsibilities.

LittleOne.Care does not replace or reduces parents or professionals tracking and analyzing baby's developments process.

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Knowing  Your Baby Is Safe and Well 24/7. Anywhere. Limited  waiting List.



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Babies’ schedules are diverse and unpredictable. Your baby may spend the morning at daycare, the afternoon walking with the nanny, and date night with the babysitter. To make sure all caregiver times are covered, LittleOne works from anywhere and does not require a base station.

LittleOne was designed for babies at their most sensitive age. As such, it is swallow-proof, ergonomic, and has a hypoallergenic silicone surface.

Design with Safety as Primary Concern


When the LittleOne smartband detects something is wrong, it will make an emergency cellular call to alert the parents. This method works from nearly anywhere, making it extremely reliable. When everything is normal, LittleOne smartband remains in airplane mode and will not transmit at all.





When you’re near your baby, real-time vitals and insights can be sent to your phone if you activate the smartband’s low-power Bluetooth or WiFi. Alternatively, you may choose to download the data from the device with the battery charging cord (included).


Real Time Tracking
Breathing Per min.

LittleOne smartband will track the three key World Health Organization guidelines: physical activity duration, sedentary screen duration and sleep duration. The LittleOne app will compare this personal data with the recommended values.


Track Physical


LittleOne smartband alerts you in real time if it detects something is wrong with your baby. When you’re back together, LittleOne will show you insights about your baby’s mood and activity during the daycare or nanny time, so you can better understand their well-being.


Monitor Daycare

& Nanny Time

LittleOne smartband will optimize its behavior specifically to your baby, based on their unique signs and sounds. Notifications such as severe cry will be detected in a way personalized to your baby’s cry sound. Measuring your baby’s data against World Health Organization guidelines, LittleOne will offer useful tips tailored to your baby’s needs.


Personalized for

Your Baby

LittleOne smartband will track when and how much your baby cries and laughs, so you can better understand what makes him happy.


Track Baby’s


You don’t need to learn to read graphs! The LittleOne app will analyze all the smartband’s data to give you clear insights and practical tips regarding your baby’s sleep, development and nanny time.


Clear Insights &

Practical Tips

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