LittleOne.Care's Vision

Happy Babies

Our vision at LittleOne.Care is to continuously enhance the well-being, safety, quality of care, and happiness of babies while providing their parents with peace of mind. 

Well-Being for Babies & Peace of Mind for Parents

Maintaining babies' well-being is crucial as it promotes their overall development, emotional comprehension, healthy relationships, adaptability, and resilience in facing life's challenges. The quality of care they receive and their parents' peace of mind significantly impact their well-being.

LittleOne.Care’s Values

To love. To be loved. To belong. To be accountable.

You may have noticed that the LittleOne.Care Logo is an elephant. We chose an elephant icon because of the elephant's protective motherhood behavior. Their strong, caring instincts represent the values we believe in. Our technology follows these values.


Elephants are known for their protective nature towards their young. Elora Baby Wellness Monitor offers a comprehensive monitoring system to track various aspects of a baby’s well-being, ensuring constant care and vigilance.


Elora Baby Wellness Monitor, inspired by the acute senses of elephants, is equipped with advanced sensors. It tracks both subtle and pronounced movements, providing thorough monitoring for your little one's safety and well-being


Just as elephants communicate effectively over long distances, Elora Baby Wellness Monitor uses AI to enhance parents' understanding of their baby's daily activities through sound monitoring, ensuring they stay connected even when apart.


Elephants are celebrated for their exceptional memory. In a similar vein, the LittleOne.Care app offers parents the ability to monitor their baby's development and trends through detailed tracking graphs, capturing every significant moment.


Echoing the vulnerabilities of baby elephants, Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is designed for constant vigilance. It monitors and tracks various potential emergencies around the clock, ensuring safety whether the baby is asleep, at home, or outside.


At Breathing, we draw inspiration from the elephant's trunk, a natural marvel in air sensing and filtration, to embody our commitment to air quality. The Elora Baby Well-being Monitor, with its advanced air quality sensor, mirrors this instinctual guardianship, ensuring a safe environment for babies. This harmonizes our core value of clean breathing with the elephant's inherent wisdom in environmental care.


The strong communal bonds of elephants inspire our approach. The LittleOne.Care app fosters a community by connecting parents with baby care experts, facilitating consultations backed by detailed monitoring data, graphs, and insights into their baby's activities.


Doesn't Spoil the Babies

Our generation needs to be careful about teaching our babies to use the term 'diversity'. If the next generation keeps using it, we have failed. Babies are natural little human beings who don't see differences in colors, status, or family types until we and society have to teach them. At LittleOne.Care, we believe that everyone, from babies to parents and caregivers, deserves the opportunity to learn and thrive. Our team's cultural code emphasizes learning from other people's perspectives, life experiences, cultures, and backgrounds, rather than relying on assumptions and stereotypes. Let's not spoil our babies by limiting their understanding of the world.

LittleOne.Care’s team

  • Shauli Gur-Arie

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Ami Meoded

    Co-founder & CMO

  • Caitlyn Schollmeier

    Strategic Growth Manager

LittleOne.Care’s team

  • Adam Weisman

    R&D Manager

  • Yossi Sabag

    Production & Operation manager

  • Yotam Amar

    ML Director


  • Rotem Meoded

    User Experience & Data Visualization

  • Pro. Ariel Tenenbaum

    Baby Development Director

  • Pro. Lidia Gabis

    Baby Development Director

LittleOne.Care’s team

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