Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is designed according to strict safety regulations for babies and it is safe to use as long as you follow the instructions. Please read about our Safety Policy here

Please note:

  1. The supplied charging cable is not intended to be near babies. Keep the cord out of the reach of children of any age.
  2. The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is safe to use as long as it is used according to the instructions detailed in the User Manual

Make sure the Wi-Fi on your router is active. Ensure you are close to the router.

Pay attention:
The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor supports a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor lights up red and makes alarm buzzer sounds in emergencies. It designed to alert without the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth unless you activate it.

Elora uses AI to monitor movement and sounds, alerting caregivers when it detects:

  1. No movement
  2. Violent shaking
  3. A fall from a high place like a changing table
  4. Yelling/screaming (feature upcoming).
  5. Long periods of crying without anyone responding (feature upcoming).

To use Elora's emergency features, users must agree to certain conditions and sign an updated terms of use agreement.

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is designed to be radiation-free when used with your baby. However, if you want to receive emergency notifications, you must update the settings. In this mode, the watch activates its Wi-Fi in real-time only when an emergency event occurs, ensuring minimal exposure while keeping you informed.

No, under no circumstances will we sell your data or your baby's metrics to any third parties without the written consent of the parents.

Your privacy is our #1 priority.

Like many other smart home devices or your smartphone, most of the time Elora Baby Wellness Monitor just listening and waiting for “Wake-words” to activate it, for example, your baby’s cry is a wake word.
However, it is important to understand:
in case the AI does not recognize the sounds it may take a 1-10 second recording or voices close to your baby.
Therefore, it is important to relay this information in advance to anyone that is close to your baby when the device is being worn. The recordings are encrypted and stored in the device till you re-charge it and upload data to the cloud. The upload process is encrypted  too. The encrypted files are kept in LittleOne.Care’s protected cloud without any personal information for a limited time in order to train the neural network. The access to the files made for the improvement of the AI accuracy by a trusted agent of LittleOne.Care who can not associate the data with any individual.
All files are deleted after the learning and/or upon your request to delete all data (first of the two).

 The Elora's battery life is 24 hours. It takes approximately 40- 90 minutes to recharge to full capacity. Elora comes with a built-in status light. If the status light is blue this means the device is charging. A green status light means the device is fully charged.

The Elora Baby Wellness monitor is designed for the first  24 months of a baby’s life. The software is updated according to the baby’s age. However, the first version of the software is dedicated to the first 6 months of activities and life events of the baby. Every quester we will release additional modules in order to provide customers who use the product with features that suited the baby growth-relevant activities.

We recommend bath or skin-to-skin time as the best time to charge Elora well-being baby monitor. Charging the Elora at the same time every day will help you to develop your needed routine.

Once the Elora well-being baby monitor is docked and charging, the data will begin to transfer to the cloud via WIFI and will be accessible in the LittleOne.Care app within 40-80 minutes.

We recommend attaching the ring to the inside of your little one’s shirt and twisting the chip to fit on the outside as shown in this video.

Make sure you attach the Elora well-being baby monitor close and bellow your baby's belly button.

The baby care specialists featured in the app are specialists invited by other parents and baby experts. They can be contacted through the application as separate paid consultants.
We recommend using your preferred baby care specialist services and inviting them too to join the application to access your baby's data.

The responsibility for selecting a baby care specialists lies with you, as well as relying on the data our application provides.

Our neural networks "know" your baby's activities such as crying, laughing, sleeping and playing due to the data of the average baby of past Beta testers. At the same time, there may be situations where the neural networks do not recognize specific events, in these cases, a qualified human agent by LittleOne.Care's company will listen and analyze the data to improve the neural network performances. In any case, human agents will not be able to associate data with a specific person or baby. The improvement of the accuracy depends on the number of active users we have and mainly on your consistency of use.

We are in the midst of a clinical trial with Hasaddah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel.

Seeing as this is a well-being device, the clinical trial is to support doctors' research in baby development. You may not assume that the clinical trial provides additional value to our product. The product is a well-being product only and does not monitor any vitals/health measurements.

We offer free shipping within the US. Customers can request a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. For more details, please read the full policy here.

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor algorithm tracks your baby's motion.
When your baby practices tummy time, especially in the early stages of life, Elora might interpret this as a risk of no motion and will alert you. We are about to add a feature to distinguish between activities. We will notify you the moment it becomes active.

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