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Dear parents and baby care specialists,

Enjoy an ad-free baby diary and connect with a community of baby care specialists with the LittleOne.Care app, available to all parents at no charge.
Enhance your experience by pairing it with the Elora baby wellness monitor for a comprehensive view of your baby's journey.

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Explore the app

Setting up Your Elora Device


Follow the instructions to register your account as a new user


Set up Elora monitor using the docking station and wall charger


Connect the Elora monitor to your user account and to the internet


Add a lovely picture of your baby to the application and start using the Elora

Setting up the LittleOne.Care App

​Registering As a "Leading Parent"

Only one parent initially registers on the app - they will be identified as the “Leading Parent”. The responsibility of the Leading Parent is to manage all other users who will connect to the app later on.

Follow the steps below to add new users into your LittleOne.Care app (will be reactivated soon)

  1. Open the app (burger) menu in the top right corner
  2. Click on “Add User”
  3. Follow the instructions to generate a shareable link.

Please note, each link can only be used once. If the link is not used within 24 hours OR the new user does not accomplish the registration process, the link will be closed. Then, the Leading Parent must generate and send a new link to the new user.

Embark on a journey towards your baby's well-being by exploring the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor Manual, designed to enhance your experience and support a soothing, joyful journey for you and your little one