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Dear Parents and Baby Care Specialists,

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  • Parents

    Download the LittleOne.Care application with or without having the Elora

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Singing Time

Track the combined daily singing and speaking time
(Coming soon)

Active Time

Monitor your baby’s active time each day. Utilize playful activities to ensure your baby remains active and stimulated

Air Quality

Tracks the quality of air next to your baby around the clock


Actionable insights empowering parents to promptly address the issues

Care Tracking

Map the consistency of care over time, day and night. with any caregiver

Baby Diary

Track everything in one place for your peace of mind

Daily Review

Monitor your baby’s activities, click on the specific button for more details

Community of Experts

Get a direct access to an expanding network of baby care specialists

Words Count

Map the number of words spoken to your baby each day and over time

Baby Diary

Add, edit, and track your baby’s day-to-day events for consistent care

Tummy Time

Track the total time your baby spent in tummy time every day

Sleeping Patterns

Map the daily sleeping patterns at home and the daycare

Setting up Your Elora Device

  • Follow the instructions to register your account as a new user
  • Charge the Elora monitor using the docking station and wall charger
  • Pair the Elora monitor to your new account, and your internet
  • Add a picture of your baby to the app and start using Elora

Invite Your Family to Join the

LittleOne.Care Journey

  • Open the app
  • Click on the menu in the top right corner
  • Go to "Add User" and follow the instructions to generate a shareable link