Ensure Your Baby’s Safety & Wellbeing

A personalized AI PLATFORM to improve your baby's wellbeing, safety, development, and happiness.

Why LittleOne.Care?

Comprehensive AI that interprets the reason for crying and care quality

Protects your baby 24/7 at all locations free of Bluetooth or wifi transmission

Detailed baby tracker & newborn diary app using parents and caregivers voice commands

Gross-motor & Verbal milestones and development tracker

Our solution provides moms and dads with actionable parenting suggestions due to the synchronized deep learning of the baby’s motions, sounds, and vitals.

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Meet our happy parents

“I wish this was around to help with my first baby.”

“Thanks to LittleOne, I get more sleep at night and become a better parent during the day.”

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“This is such an important tool for parents. No one can actually understand our helplessness sometimes.”


How does it work?

Our solution includes 4 data sources: baby's  motion, baby's sound, voice tagging, and context.

LittleOne’s Deep Learning insights create a unique outcome - a clear picture of the baby’s life events, along with professional advice on how to respond - under one app.

We are looking for you, parents of babies ages 0-3, to join our existing beta community!