Smarter Way to Monitor

Nurture The Most Vital Organ Of All: The Brain

Monitors baby's sleep, mood & activities around the clock

Tracks daily life events, air quality, and care consistency

Pioneering speech-to-text feature for baby diaries

Instant alerts for shaking, yelling, falling, or rough handling

Tracks caregiver-baby interactions for developmental support

Direct access to an expanding network of baby care experts

Babies Love Elora. Parents Do, too

  • “I wish Elora baby monitor was around to help with my first baby”

    Natalee B. Mother of three
    Dallas, TX
  • “Thanks to Elora, the wellness & safety monitor for my baby, I've become a better parent and husband.”

    Adam T. First time parent
    New York, NY
  • “Elora, the first baby well-being monitor is such an important tool for parents. No one can actually understand our helplessness sometimes.”

    Allie M. Mother of two
    Salt Lake City, UT

Exclusive Baby Wellness Monitor Pre-Order: Limited to First 100 Families

LittleOne.Care is about to launch a LIMITED EDITION of Elora - the first AI-based baby wellness & safety monitor. Join LittleOne.Care's exclusive community of parents now

Elora Is More Than Just Safety

  •  All-in-One

    Elora replaces sleep monitors, baby trackers, apps, baby diaries and nutritional assessments

  • Easy to use

    Elora Baby Wellness Monitor ensure peace of mind anytime, anywhere, and with any caregiver

  • Engagement

    Elora Baby Wellness Monitor promotes parent engagement in development activities with your baby

  • Privacy

    We do not sell data. Elora is designed to respond to wake words and does not retain any audio information

  • Safety

    Elora's default design is free of real-time radiation and other types of transmissions

  • Meet the experts

    Seamless access to baby care specialists from various disciplines to discuss your baby's well-being

Close look at LittleOne.Care App

Tracking Singing Time

Track the combined daily singing and speaking time

Active Time

Monitor your baby’s active time each day. Utilize playful activities to ensure your baby remains active and stimulated

Air Quality

Track the quality of air around your baby

Care Tracking

Map the consistency of care over time, day and night. with any caregiver

Crying Time

Track your baby’s mood over time with all possible caregivers

Baby Diary

Track everything in one place for your peace of mind


Monitor your baby’s activities, click on the specific button for more details

Community of Experts

Get a direct access to an expanding network of baby care specialists

Words Count

Use the Week tab to map the number of words spoken to your baby each day

Baby Diary

Add, edit, and track your baby’s day-to-day events for consistent care

Tummy Time

Track the total time your baby spent in tummy time every day

Access to Experts at Your Fingertips

Data-driven insights of your baby from child development experts, baby care specialists and other Experienced parents.

  • "Elora Baby Wellness Monitor enables parents, for the very first time, to track the amount of time spent in tummy time. Tummy Time is an important milestone for healthy development."

    Rivka Lev. Infant Physical Therapy

  • "Elora baby wellness monitor together with the LittleOne.Care's application tells a story all parents have to listen to."

    Yair Sahar, Physiologist

  • “Elora baby wellness monitor is all about the ability to observe the baby’s sleep patterns together with nutrition, mood, and intensity of activity over time. This is the holy grail of our profession."

    Noga Stav, Infant Occupational Therapist