Smartwatch for your baby’s safety and well-being day and night

Advanced AI-based smartwatch to scan and detect various emergencies and monitor your baby's day-to-day well-being by analyzing real-time motions and sounds


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Why LittleOne.Care?

  •  All-in-One

    Replaces sleep monitors, baby trackers, apps, baby diaries and nutritional assessments

  • Easy to use

    Anytime, anywhere, and with any caregiver

  • Engagement

    Promotes parent engagement in development activites with your baby


  • Privacy

    We do not sell data. Our device is designed to respond to wake words and does not retain any audio information

  • Safety

    first infant technology free of real-time radiation and other types of transmissions

  • Meet the experts

    Immediate access to leading baby experts from various disciplines to observe and discuss your baby's well-being

How does it work?

  • Analyzing a synchronized data of all day baby’s sound & motion
  • Real-time AI to monitor and scan diverse safety issues and reason for crying (beta)
  • Comprehensive baby diary. Caregivers' speech to text tagging of baby’s activities
  • Cloud based machine learning of baby’s day-to-day habits & routine

Meet our happy parents

  • “I wish this was around to help with my first baby.”

  • “Thanks to LittleOne, I get more sleep at night and become a better parent during the day.”

  • “This is such an important tool for parents. No one can actually understand our helplessness sometimes.”

  • Early Adopter Program is Free and limited to 100 selected families

    Dear parent, are you a parent of an infant? Your feedback is needed. Be the first to experience LittleOne.Care smartwatch for babies. LIMITED to the first 100 selected parents

Baby experts?

Highly detailed pictures and objective observations are the most needed tool for professional and effective advice. Learn more about LittleOne.Care opportunity for you.

  • "For the very first time, parents can track the amount of time spent in tummy time. It is an important milestone for healthy development."

    Rivka Lev, Infant Physical Therapy

  • “The ability to observe the baby’s sleep patterns together with nutrition, mood, and intensity of activity over time is the holy grail of our profession."

    Yair Sahar, Physiologist

  • "The LittleOne.Care application tells a story all parents have to listen to."

    Noga Stav, Infant Occupational Therapist

  • Dear parents, LittleOne.Care application enables any baby expert to register and set up an account. We are not responsible for the advice provided by the baby experts and highly recommend that you work with your own baby experts.


  • Smartwatch specially designed for babies
  • Smartwatch specially designed for babies
  • Smartwatch specially designed for babies
  • Smartwatch specially designed for babies
  • Smartwatch specially designed for babies