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LittleOne.Care offers parents a personalized solution to monitor, and understand their OWN behavior in relation to their baby's day-to-day activities, well-being, quality of care, and happiness. You are the missing piece they have been seeking.

Become a Leading Baby Expert

  • LittleOne.Care application enables parents to set up little communities with other parents and consultants like you

  • Our technology encourages sharing and discussing each other’s baby’s daily activities, and achievements

  • In these little groups, the role of the consultants is to analyze the reports and mentor the parents

Meet our happy parents

  • “I wish this was around to help with my first baby.”

  • “Thanks to LittleOne, I get more sleep at night and become a better parent during the day.”

  • “This is such an important tool for parents. No one can actually understand our helplessness sometimes.”

Deep Learning for Babies at Your Service

Our AI-based solution includes 4 data sources: motion, baby’s sound, voice tagging, and context.

LittleOne’s deep learning insights create a unique outcome - a comprehensive picture of the baby’s life events, routine, quality of care, and social activities with parents and caregivers over time.
Parents are able to share these reports with you in order to discuss and improve their parenting skills.

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