LittleOne.Care smartwatch for babies is NOT a medical device

LittleOn.Care Smartwatch for babies is not a medical device nor the application is not a medical application. The Device DOES NOT collect medical data (such as vitals) and you ARE NOT allowed to use the device and application for medical information. The application was NOT designed to describe medical statistics and/or recommendations. The LittleOne.Care solution, in any case DOES NOT include any medical serives. The data and the outcome ARE NOT allowed for any medical use and You ARE NOT allowed to use the presentable data as diagnostic insights.
They were not designed to be used as medical or health equipment or solutions or applications.

Product safety

The device is safe to use as long as it is used according to the instructions detailed in the user manual.
The product is designed to comply with all required regulations for products intended for children under the age of three. For more information, please refer to our safety policy.

The product features

All presented features were tested during different stages of development such as internal tests, and Alpha and Beta tests for parents' feedback.
The product you will receive includes already the capability to activate each feature, however, we will suspend the launch of features under ongoing development or name part of the features with the term “Beta” to state the feature is under ongoing improvement.
Beta features might not work from time to time.

Data Accuracy

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data that we collect, process, and visualize. Nonetheless, we employ deep learning models and neural networks to constantly refine the visualized data. The accuracy of the data is influenced by several factors, including the frequency of each event type, the precise tagging of data by users, and the continuous use of the smartwatch.

Accuracy of estimation - Reason for crying

LittleOne.Care AI syncing between the baby’s motion over time and crying voices to estimate the reason for crying.The level of accuracy depends on a variety of variables, including from the company's side: the amount of data on which the company bases its information analysis, the quality of the neuron network, and more; and from the customer's side: the age of the baby, the frequency of use of the product, and more.
The launch of the feature will take place only after the launch of the product and only after the performance will achieve the minimal demands.
At no point does the company claim to offer a complete solution or to replace the intuition of the main caregivers.You cannot rely on this feature to understand the baby's reason for crying.

Accuracy of emergency detections and Real-time Alerts

LittleOne.Care’s smartwatch monitors the safety of babies’ sleep. It scans and detects a multitude of potential accidents that may occur with the baby and immediately changes its colors and alerts the caregiver if it detects potentially risky actions such as; Physically aggressive care, Falling from a changing table, Yelling at the baby, and loud noises to avoid acoustic trauma.
The smartwatch uses sensors to detect motion and sound and responds to the data from the sensors, which may not always be related to the baby's movements or sounds.

  • Monitoring sleep - If there is no motion detected from the baby's belly during sleep, it could be because the device is not placed close enough to the baby's body. In such cases, the device may not detect motion and alert the caregiver erroneously.
  • Yelling - The sound sensors track the volume of the sounds in the baby's environment and may trigger an alert if someone yells near the baby, even if they are not yelling at the baby.
  • Falling - The device can detect its own falls, and if it falls from a high surface, it may issue an alert, regardless of the baby's status.
  • Shaking and aggressive care - The device tracks its own acceleration, so it may alert the caregiver if it senses shaking or aggressive handling, regardless of the baby's status.

Who are the Baby Expert?

During registration, users have the option to indicate their areas of expertise as a baby specialist and are encouraged to provide generic tips for parents, which will be displayed in the application from time to time.
However, LittleOne.Care CANNOT verify if a user is a qualified baby specialist, or if they have received proper training/certification in this field. We also cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevance of any content they may have uploaded.
Please note that any communication or collaboration with a baby specialist through our platform is done at your own risk. We recommend that you select your own experts, who can also create an account to view your baby's data. However, please understand that the information provided is not intended to be medical advice, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy.
It is important to confirm with both you and your baby experts that you understand the limitations of the information provided before using the application.