Baby Wellness Monitor
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Introducing Elora, the first-ever AI-based baby wellness monitor designed to enhance safety, well-being, engagement, and attentive care. Elora meticulously tracks crying sounds, sleep patterns, moods, development-supporting activities such as tummy time, nutrition, and key daily events. Feeding directly into the LittleOne.Care™ app, Elora provides invaluable insights into your baby's needs giving you peace of mind when it’s needed most.

What’s included?

  • Elora baby wellness monitor
  • Ring plus spare!
  • Docking station
  • Cable
  • Wall charger
  • LittleOne.Care App with diverse features and access to a community of baby care specialists

A Wide Range of Real-Time Protections

Scan for aggressive handling or care

Monitor the baby's sleep motion anywhere

Alerts for falls from changing tables or other high surfaces

Alerts for excessive noise or yelling (Coming soon)

Alerts for shaking or sudden movements

Monitor for unintended tummy sleeping (Coming soon)

AI & Reason for Crying

Experienced caregivers are adept at recognizing the baby's cues and responding effectively to instances where crying signifies tiredness or hunger. However, even seasoned caregivers may occasionally struggle to promptly distinguish cries indicative of pain

This is where Elora comes in. The baby wellness monitor scans for various potential emergencies to alert caregivers in real-time and changes its colors according to the baby's reason for crying. This (under development) feature helps caregivers quickly recognize and categorize cries linked to discomfort or pain, saving time in identification


This cry is an expression of pain


Your baby needs some sleep


It’s time to feed your baby


Start with checking the diaper

LittleOne.Care AI learns the unique connection between your baby’s motion and cries to estimate the reason for crying

Under Development

We know that healthy nutrition is an important part of your baby's well-being. That's why we've made tracking it as simple as performing a long tap.

As you introduce your baby to new tastes and foods, Elora is here to assist in tracking the journey. Our feature allows you to document not only the variety of your baby's diet but also the amount and frequency of food intake, crucial for understanding how different foods impact your baby's sleep patterns, crying behaviors, and diaper changes. To use this feature, simply perform a long tap above the Elephant Logo on your Elora monitor and verbally log the meal details using our speech-to-text technology. This input will seamlessly integrate into the Elora app, providing insights into your baby's nutritional well-being and helping you monitor day-to-day dietary intake and the introduction of new foods with ease.

LittleOne.Care’s Call-to-Action reports

Singing Time

Track the combined daily singing and speaking time
(Coming soon)

Active Time

Monitor your baby’s active time each day. Utilize playful activities to ensure your baby remains active and stimulated

Air Quality

Tracks the quality of air next to your baby around the clock


Actionable insights empowering parents to promptly address the issues

Care Tracking

Map the consistency of care over time, day and night. with any caregiver

Baby Diary

Track everything in one place for your peace of mind

Daily Review

Monitor your baby’s activities, click on the specific button for more details

Community of Experts

Get a direct access to an expanding network of baby care specialists

Words Count

Map the number of words spoken to your baby each day and over time

Baby Diary

Add, edit, and track your baby’s day-to-day events for consistent care

Tummy Time

Track the total time your baby spent in tummy time every day

Sleeping Patterns

Map the daily sleeping patterns at home and the daycare

Customer Reviews

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Game changer for every parent !!

best investment

Investing in the Elora baby wellness monitor was one of the best decisions we've made for our baby's safety and well-being. Its state-of-the-art sensors provide accurate readings, while its reports affect our behavior and habits as parents. A definite must-have for every parent!

a stylish baby monitor

From its sleek and modern design to its advanced monitoring capabilities, the Elora baby wellness monitor has truly impressed us. It's easy to set up, simple to use, and offers invaluable peace of mind knowing we can keep a close eye on our little one, day or night.

Awesome device and app!

I can't recommend the Elora baby wellness monitor enough! Its friendly design and interface make it incredibly easy to use.

Must have monitor

As a new parent, the Elora baby wellness monitor has been a mental lifesaver from me! From its advanced features and monitoring to its App's fascinating reports battery life, it's truly a must-have for any nursery.


The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is designed according to strict safety regulations for babies and it is safe to use as long as you follow the instructions. Please read about our Safety Policy here.

Please note:

  1. The supplied charging cable is not intended to be near babies. Keep the cord out of the reach of children of any age.
  2. The Elora Baby Baby Wellness Monitor is safe to use as long as it is used according to the instructions detailed in the User Manual

The Elora Wellness Monitor changes color to red and, in specific in case of emergencies, exudes alarm buzz noises. The Elora does not transmit Wi-Fi, nor Bluetooth. The AI analyzes the motion (acceleration and sounds) and alerts the care-taker in these situations:

  1. No movements
  2. Fall from a height of a changing table
  3. Shaking and extreme accelerations
  4. Yelling/screaming (coming soon)
  5. An extreme period of time of crying and no one approach (coming soon)

The activation of the Emergencies functionalities will rely on the user’s approval of disclaimers and signing the updated term of use.

Like many other smart home devices or your smartphone, most of the time the Elora is listening and waiting for “Wake-words” to activate it, for example, your baby’s cry is a wake word.
However, it is important to understand:
In case the the AI does not recognize the sounds it may take a 1-10 second recording or voices close to your baby. Therefore, it is important to relay this information in advance to anyone that is close to your baby when the Elora is being worn. The recordings are encrypted and stored in the Elora till you re-charge it and upload data to the cloud. The upload process is encrypted  too. The encrypted files are kept in LittleOne.Care’s protected cloud without any personal information for a limited time in order to train the neural network. The access to the files made for the improvement of the AI accuracy by a trusted agent of LittleOne.Care who can not associate the data with any individual.
All files are deleted after the learning and/or upon your request to delete all data (first of the two).

The baby care specialists featured in the LittleOne.Care's app are specialists invited by other parents and baby care specialists. They can be contacted through the application as separate paid consultants. We recommend using your preferred baby expert services and inviting them too to join the application to access your baby's data. The responsibility for selecting a baby expert lies with you, as well as relying on the data our application provides.

Unlike most baby monitors that use livestreaming and ongoing transmission, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is designed and marketed to operate without the need for transmissions when used with your baby.

We recommend attaching the ring to the inside of your little one’s shirt above the diaper and bellow the bellybutton and twisting the chip to fit on the outside as shown in this video