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Users Manuel |Feb 2024

Insightful Guide
Nurturing and Monitoring
Your Baby's Well-being Journey

(Or What Elora Wellness Monitor Can and Cannot Do for You)

This short article's purpose is to explain what you can expect the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor to do, what are the limitations, and what will be done in the next stages.

Let’s start!

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is not a medical device and cannot replace caregivers' hugs and parents' kisses 🙂


No Motion

When attached to a baby's clothing, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor moves in sync with the baby's belly movements. It uses acceleration sensors and algorithms to monitor these movements. It's important to note, however, that Elora does not directly monitor breathing; it tracks the motion associated with breathing. If the clothing is loose, Elora might not accurately detect the belly's movements.

Shaking or Extreme Accelerations

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is equipped with algorithms to identify unusually rapid, aggressive, and repetitive movements. However, it may not always detect such movements if they are caused by loose clothing or other factors.

Falling Detection

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is equipped with algorithms designed to detect falls from changing tables or similar heights. However, it's important to note that the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is not designed to detect falls if it is dropped while not attached to a baby or a test doll.

Coming Soon:

Yelling Detection

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is equipped with algorithms designed to monitor the loudness of voices around the baby. If it detects shouting or yelling, the system will either mark this event or send an alert, based on your preferences set in the app. It's important to understand that currently, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor cannot differentiate between someone yelling at the baby or just yelling near the baby. However, both situations are considered undesirable.

Coming Soon:


The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor Algorithms are specifically designed to identify instances when a baby cries and there is no response within a reasonable timeframe, without actively timing the caregivers. The aim is to promote a stable environment rather than monitor caregiver actions minute by minute. The Elora Wellness Monitor’s algorithm calculates response time by comparing it to an average expected timeframe, starting from when the baby begins to cry until a response is detected—such as the cessation of crying, the caregiver's comforting voice, or the baby being lifted from the crib.

Elora is not about timing the caregiver; it's about providing stable care for the baby.

The focus is on detecting extremely unusual cases of delayed response, while ordinary variations in response times that are close to the average are disregarded.
This approach ensures that caregivers are encouraged to maintain a consistent care environment, focusing on significant deviations that might indicate a need for intervention, without stressing over normal fluctuations in response times.

Smart Alerts, Minimized Emissions: Rethinking Baby Monitoring

Unlike most baby monitors, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor stands out as it does not feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities for data transmission, a design choice many parents have specifically requested. This ensures no signals are emitted from the device while it is in use with the baby.

Through the LittleOne.Care app, parents can configure the Elora Wellness Monitor to alert them by changing colors and/or emitting a beep in the event of an emergency.In such cases, the device will produce a soft beep and the elephant logo will turn red to indicate the urgency.

Custom Real-Time Alerts for Vigilant Parents

A different group of parents expressed the need for immediate notifications. To accommodate this, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor can briefly activate Wi-Fi to send a single "ping" notification, unlike other baby monitors that rely on continuous live streaming for alerts. This feature enables real-time alerts to be sent to your phone, requiring you to specify which events should trigger these notifications and ensure they are activated on your Elora. This allows any user connected to your baby's app to personalize their phone notification settings.

To implement any changes made in the app, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor must be placed in its docking station until the logo turns green, signifying that the new settings have been applied.

LittleOne.Care’s Application

Daily use - the "Elephant trunk" view

The ‘Elephant trunk’ in the application is designed to present 24 hours. Swiping to the right or the left enables the user to observe the next or previous day.

The ‘Elephant trunk’ is made of two lanes:

One lane is for possible motions such as; Activity time, tummy time, and sleeping.

The second lane is for the crying events, and talking. (Singing and laughter - coming soon).

The date on the Elephant trunk might not be accurate at the beginning and after a few days of use and a fine-tuning of the AI, it will be updated automatically and retrospectively.

Free Baby Diary

LittleOne.Care application includes a groundbreaking feature that allows parents to synchronize traditional baby diary entries, such as feeding and diaper changes, with insights into the baby's mood and activities, like crying or sleeping. Through the baby diary interface (marked by the pacifier icon), users can input and adjust common events. Our innovative synchronization feature then aligns these entries with the baby's observed behaviors and routines, providing a holistic view of their child's well-being and daily life.

Application - Reports 

We developed and designed only reports that present a simple call to action that any parents can address to improve their baby’s well-being immediately.

Word Exposure Report

This report shows the daily count of words your baby hears. Speech therapists advise talking and narrating your activities to your baby. Both natural speech and baby talk are beneficial. It's recommended to engage in as much conversation with your baby as possible.

The more language a child hears directed towards them, the more language they learn, and the faster they process the language they hear. Plus, infant-directed speech communicates emotions effectively and helps establish a bond between caregiver and infant. Baby talk can get the attention of your baby — helping with parent-child bonding.” Theconversation.com - Academic rigour, journalistic flair

Activity Intensity Report

This report shows your baby's level of activities on a scale from 1 to 3, focusing exclusively on the hours when the baby is awake. The World Health Organization promotes active play for babies due to its link with reducing the risk of childhood obesity. Engaging in plenty of playtime with your children not only supports their health but can also lead to better sleep for them, don't you think?

The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes the importance of active play for children under 5 years of age. Children under five must spend less time sitting watching screens, or restrained in prams and seats, get better quality sleep and have more time for active play if they are to grow up healthy, according to new guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO)." World Health Organization

Sleeping and Resting Report

This report displays your baby's sleeping and resting times, whether at home, outdoors, or not solely in the crib in the baby's bedroom. We use the term 'Sleeping and Resting' to acknowledge that some babies may lie quietly in a sleeping position yet remain awake with their eyes open. What about your baby? Are they also calm during these times?

According to WHO, good quality sleep in a quiet environment is crucial for the healthy development of infants. Tips and information: Have good quality sleep in a quiet environment:  14 – 17 hours (infants up to 3 months), 12 – 16 hours (infants 4 – 11 months), 11 – 14 hours (12 – 2 years of age), 10 – 13 hours (children beyond 2 years)  Place a baby on their back to sleep and make sure they can breathe easily Know that a baby should sleep on this back during the first year.

  • Quality of Air Report

    The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor features an air quality sensor designed to monitor the air around your baby, wherever they may be. This report provides a 24/7 overview of the air quality surrounding your baby.

  • Coming Soon - Tummy Time Report

    This report displays the total time each day that the baby spent on their tummy. Tummy time is essential for strengthening the baby's neck and shoulder muscles.

Coming Soon:

Care Consistency Report

This report outlines how consistently the baby is cared for over time. The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor uses algorithms to note when a baby's cry goes unanswered for an unusually long time, without directly timing the caregivers. It aims to support a stable care environment by comparing the time taken to respond to a cry against an average expected time. The report points out significant delays in response, overlooking minor variations near the average. This method encourages caregivers to provide steady care without worrying about normal differences in response times.

One Long Tap Above the Elephant's Head Logo

This feature enables any caregiver to effortlessly update your baby's diary while interacting with them. Use a gently long tap on the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor above the elephant's head logo and wait for a blue light to confirm activation for 4 seconds. During this period, talk to your baby and describe your actions (e.g., 'Changed your diaper. It was dry').

After placing the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor in its docking station, it uploads all these long taps events using speech-to-text technology to present them in the baby's diary.

Future enhancements will include:

1 Converting your spoken sentences into relevant icons displayed on the Application's home screen, known as the ‘Elephant trunk’.
2 Optionally, you will also have the choice to display these activities in the app in real time.

Baby Care Specialists Tips

Gain access to pre-written advice from baby care specialists, tailored to your baby's age group and specific events, all within the LittleOne.Care app. Whenever you select an event from your baby's daily log in the app, a pop-up will provide a relevant tip based on the event and your baby's age.
You can access the baby expert’s profile to communicate and learn more about the services they provide

Looking ahead, we plan to introduce a feature that allows you to chat directly with the baby care specialist through the a

Your Needs and Ideas

Over the past four years, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor has been developed with the collaboration of two key groups: physicians dedicated to the development and well-being of babies, and baby care specialists who have provided support and insights. Most importantly, we have also valued and incorporated insights from the third crucial group—parents like you.

Feel free to contact us to share your needs and ideas to enhance the well-being of babies. We are committed to doing our best.

Don’t forget one important note, as mentioned at the beginning of this article:

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is not a medical device and cannot replace caregivers' hugs and parents' kisses 🙂.