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Our Mission the Opportunity of You

The mission of LittleOne.Care is to provide innovative and reliable solutions for the well-being of babies and their families. We strive to create smart and intuitive products, such as our smartwatch for babies, that enhance the safety, care, long-term well-being, and activities that encourage the development of infants. We are dedicated to utilizing advanced AI-based technology to interpret and understand a baby's needs, including interpreting their cries and tracking their daily activities. With a strong focus on safety, our products are designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring they are safe for use by babies. We also prioritize the privacy of our users, implementing robust measures to protect personal information. Our mission is driven by a team of dedicated experts in the field of baby development, infant care, and AI who continuously work towards providing the best possible experience for both babies and parents.

LittleOne.Care's Team

Our team at LittleOne.Care consists of passionate professionals in infant care and technology. We strive to understand the short and long-term needs of babies and develop tools that prioritize safety, providing added value to support parents in promoting activities and engagement for a better baby development.
Each team member at LittleOne.Care dedicates time to volunteer in the baby arena, such as daycares and non-profit organizations that support parenting and ensure quality care for babies.

The Role

LittleOne.Care is the pioneering smartwatch designed exclusively for babies. We are seeking individuals who recognize the significance of long-term baby well-being and the need for real-time safety around the clock. If you are passionate about scaling our support automation and services in the United States and are up for the challenge, we want you on our team!

What You’ll Do

  1. Provide day-to-day support for parents and baby experts.
  2. Simplify the onboarding process for new parents and baby experts.
  3. Take care of scaling the support while improving response time, quality of service, and user satisfaction.

Qualifications, Skills, & Abilities

  1. A minimum of 5 years of experience in scaling support is essential.
  2. Strong teamwork skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues.
  3. Possess a high level of empathy and understanding of the needs and concerns of babies, parents, caregivers, and baby experts in the baby market.