• Tips for Tummy Time

    Tips for Tummy Time

    Crawl, sit, stand, walk, run. At the core of these milestones is tummy time. “Tummy time” is the essential time a baby needs on their stomach to develop strength in the neck, arms, back, and other critical body parts. And yet, parents face countless struggles to make tummy time a pleasant experience for their babies. Most babies cry while on their stomachs because the position is uncomfortable and unfamiliar. However, this is the precise movement a baby needs to build core stability and stay on track for physical development.
  • Extra! Extra! We’re Looking for Experts!

    Extra! Extra! We’re Looking for Experts!

    Attention all baby experts, the LittleOne.Care Beta trial is underway! LittleOne.Care is developing a platform that includes a baby's wearable device, a cell phone application for parents, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Our solution interprets the reasons for crying, assesses day-to-day treatment quality, encourages activities to support the baby’s development, and alerts parents and caregivers before emergencies occur. In general, baby experts tend to be more objective than parents in terms of analyzing baby behavior. Therefore, LittleOne.Care’s unique characteristic is that we provide accurate and objective detailed observations starting from Day One of the baby’s life.
  • What Babies Teach Scientists?

    What Babies Teach Scientists?

    Babies learn from us just about everything that has to do with this world - walking, talking, laughing and even manners. But there is something we should learn from them: how to learn.
  • Millennial Parents – Raising Happy Babies!

    Millennial Parents – Raising Happy Babies!

    It takes a village to raise a child – right? Well, it used to. Now it takes one internet connection, Alexa, a few WhatsApp groups and some social media channels.