Millennial Parents – Raising Happy Babies!

Millennial Parents – Raising Happy Babies!

It takes a village to raise a child – right? Well, it used to. Now it takes one internet connection, Alexa, a few WhatsApp groups and some social media channels.

We can all agree that parenting in 2020 is nothing like it was in the 60’s, 70’s or event 90’s. Grandparents used to share their life experience freely, and dominate the way we raised our kids. New moms simply picked up the phone to ask for help with giving a newborn their bath, nursing challenges, colic issues and babysitting. Today, parents leave the maternity ward equipped with devices that monitor the baby’s breathing, video the crib 24/7, and automate the music schedule. If we have any questions we simply call Alexa and ask “why is my baby crying?” or “Is their poop color ok?”. We consult with online advisors and other parents – sharing and secretly comparing the baby’s progress.

There is no right and wrong these days.

Technology is here to assist. We at LittleOne.Care get it, and created a first of its kind solution to help millennial parents succeed at not only protecting their child, but also raising happier kids. Our solution, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor, combines an application, AI, and a wearable device that monitors your baby and learns their environment. This enables us to produce daily reports about the baby’s life patterns and well-being, while also providing improvement suggestions. Elora is already in use by Beta parents, who rave about this technology. They even opened up LittleOne communities, where they share experiences and provide us feedback.