Music to Our Ears

Music to Our Ears

Exposing Babies to Music Creates Positive Long-Term Effects

Music has the power to reach people in ways that words cannot. Rhythms and beats woven into melodies and harmonies can create feelings of joy and love. Music can help people interact, connect, and engage with others in a meaningful and positive way. Music can stimulate the mind and change the brain for the better. These reasons are why exposing babies to music as early as possible is imperative for parents.


Diving Into the Minds of Babies

In the infant stage, babies “understand language as if it was music…and they respond to the rhythm and melody of language before they understand what the words mean.” In fact, neuroscientists identified that a baby’s auditory and prefrontal cortexes look different after listening to music. Therefore, listening to music alone can spur brain development in babies. This reason is why most parents talk to their babies with a sing-song style of speech.

Understanding the Benefits of Early Music Exposure

Music exposure for babies has extensive benefits. For example, music can help enhance a baby’s social development and interaction, motor skills, sensory enhancement, language development, and emotional regulation. These are all skills that are essential for personal growth and development. Music can help improve a baby’s long-term learning, grades, reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, concentration, productivity, and creativity. In addition, music can boost a baby’s (and a parent’s) mood and reduce stress levels. The benefits are endless!

Introducing Music to Your Baby

Incorporating music into your baby’s life is so easy. You can begin by singing to your baby or playing some quiet and soothing tunes, such as classical music or lullabies. Additionally, consider taking your child to a baby music class. A baby music class can also provide good bonding time for you and your baby.

Music offers incredible opportunities for your baby to learn, grow, and connect with others. We recommend beginning music exposure sooner rather than later. Our solution is an excellent tool for monitoring your baby’s surrounding music and singing, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor! Join our Beta trial now to see first-hand how music and singing can improve your baby’s development. The Elora maps your baby's exposure to music.


The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor comprises two primary sensors that maps the motion of the baby's body center and vocalizations. Our AI technology analyzes how a baby's motion and sound are coordinated to comprehend the context of the event and the impact of the music.

At the end of each day, the LittleOne.Care mobile application presents parents and caregivers with the duration of time their baby spent listening to music. In the coming future, we are aiming to provide parents with the baby's real-time responses and rhythm to the music.

Exposure to diverse music will enrich your baby's development and growth, and it also supports social and emotional development in the long term.