Bonding With Your Baby

Bonding With Your Baby

Creating an Attachment From Birth

Establishing a relationship with your baby is one of the most important aspects of being a parent. Bonding with your baby and creating an attachment is necessary for your baby’s development and allows you to feel more connected to your child. One study from the University of Minnesota shows that “our ability to love, trust, and resolve conflict stems in part from how we’re treated as infants.” Therefore, becoming a special, trusted person in your baby’s life stems from bonding time and can have positive long-term effects on your child.


If you see your baby smile at you, make eye contact or little noises, or just look relaxed and interested, your baby is looking for some bonding time! Some easy ways to bond with your baby include breastfeeding your baby, giving your baby a massage, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, not stressing milestones, responding to your baby’s cries, reading books to your baby, setting a schedule for your baby, and just talking with your baby.


Remember that not feeling a connection with your baby right away is normal. Understanding your baby and forming an attachment can take weeks or months. Try to enjoy spending time with your baby, put yourself in your baby’s shoes, and overall, be flexible. The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor gives you insights into what your baby prefers, which can aid in making bonding time more effective. Join our Beta trial now to build your bond.


The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor encourages dialogue with your baby

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor comprises two primary sensors, which map the movements of the baby's belly and vocalizations. Our AI technology analyzes how a baby's motion and sound are coordinated to comprehend the context of the event.


At the close of each day, the LittleOne.Care mobile application presents parents and caregivers with the duration of time spent conversing or singing to their baby. In our future developmental stage, we aim to provide parents with the amount of time they actively engaged in a two-way "dialogue" with their baby.


Talking to your baby is an important way to help him/her grow. It promotes communication and language development. It also supports social and emotional development.