How to Set Up Your Elora Baby Wellness Monitor

How to Set Up Your Elora Baby Wellness Monitor

Step by Step Process to Get Your Elora Running


Inside the Box:

When opening your box, the first item you will see is an information sheet that lists the other items in the box and contains the step-by-step registration process that you will go through. Additionally, you will find five separate items: one small wearable device for data collection, two grip rings (one grip ring for connecting the device to the shirt & one spare grip ring that we suggest you leave in the box), one docking station used for charging, uploading data, and updating the algorithms within the device, and one USB-C connection cable for charging the device. You will also receive a smaller box that contains a wall charger.



You may now begin the registration process by scanning the designated QR code for your cellphone on the information sheet. This QR code will take you to the LittleOne.Care website where you can download the app on the app store. Once you are in the App Store, download the LittleOne.Care app to your phone (make sure to select the app with the elephant logo). Once the app is downloaded to your home screen, open the app. Here you will see the Welcome page where you can choose to log in or sign up.

Signing Up:

To sign up, a pop-up will appear. By clicking continue you will have access to register. Create an account by entering your email address and a secure password. You will then be prompted to pair your account with your specific device. Press Next. The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy will appear. Please take a moment to read this document and when you are finished, press “I read & accept the terms” and click next. Press OK to enable connectivity that will merge your account and device. Device Setup Instructions will appear after. Please follow the Power Docking Station instructions.


Power Docking Station Instructions:

First, you will connect the cable to the docking station. Second, you will connect the docking station to the charger. Third, you will connect the charger to an outlet socket. Next, insert the LittleOne.Care device into the docking station. Tip: make sure to align the four gold dots on the device with the four gold dots docking station. Be sure to check that both LEDs are lit up in orange, indicating the device has enabled connectivity and is waiting for a connection from your cell phone. Then click next.


Connecting your Device to Wi-Fi:

You may now click “select device.” A list of devices will pop up and you may select your device. Then you may select your network. Enter your wifi password and select send wifi details. This will enable the device to connect to the internet at any time it is plugged into the docking station. Once your device is connected, both lights on your device will turn green. If your device fails to connect, the device’s lights will turn red. Then press next to continue.


Complete your Profile:

You will now be directed to complete your profile. Important details to include are your baby’s gender, birthday, and your relation to the baby. You may have noticed the colors turned blue. This means the device is connecting to the internet, updating algorithms, and charging the device. Once you start using the device, the blue light will also mean the device is uploading data from your baby’s daily activities. After pressing next, you can upload a photo of your baby and enter your baby’s name. Now you are ready to place your device on your baby’s clothing and understand your baby!


Check out our step-by-step video to help you through the process!