Taking on Tel Aviv

Taking on Tel Aviv

I have been to Israel many times before with family, friends, or on school trips, so I thought I had a good idea of what this summer internship would be about. I felt like I had a sense of what the Israeli culture and their work ethic are. However, this work experience wasn’t like anything I expected, in a good way.


When I first started working for LittleOne.Care in June, I was very nervous. I did not understand why people were joking around with each other while working. I had internships and other jobs prior to this internship where the culture and atmosphere were more serious. It was hard to adapt and learn this Israeli culture, but I soon realized how it made me feel more comfortable and lightened the mood during work. As the weeks went on I started to appreciate this new culture and work life. It was definitely a hard adjustment at first though.


I worked alongside the Co-Founder and CMO, Ami Meoded, which is an experience I know I will never have again. Me and my co-intern, Anna, felt like we were fully a part of the team. We were included in every discussion, problem, and solution the company faced.


Ami had so much passion and love for his product, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor. He developed each step of the company with so much care and thought. I have seen bosses who love what they do, nevertheless, what Ami had was even more special. His passion was like no other. Both Anna and I loved working with him to help continue his love and eagerness for LittleOne.Care.


I was brought onto the LittleOne.Care team to introduce more digital marketing into the company along with helping in their business development. I promoted the brand by using a variety of digital channels to generate and build brand awareness. I created daily posts for the blog, wrote and dispatched email marketing campaigns, and assisted the company in creating and implementing possible strategies to reach its target audience by identifying proper social media algorithms. Additionally, I organized and conserved website display to increase audience attraction and used google analytics to help maintain and advance website users.


Working for a start-up requires a lot of patience and flexibility. Sometimes there is no set schedule or routine. I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I did. Prior to this internship, I loved having a daily routine. However, with this, every day was something different. This was something I surprisingly loved: nothing was expected.


Living and learning in Israel have truly been so rewarding. This experience has been so rewarding. I would like to thank Ami and Shauli for allowing me to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was truly so amazing to work alongside them and the rest of the LittleOne.Care team. I know the lessons I have gained this summer are something I will have for a long time.