Protect Your Baby, Protect The Planet

Protect Your Baby, Protect The Planet

At LittleOne.Care, we developed a product specially designed for babies- the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor.

In doing so, we are obligated to design and manufacture our product under strict regulation, making sure the product is mechanically safe and is made with materials that are not harmful to babies. Our product is tested by an international lab to ensure it meets all safety and quality standards. Creating a product that is environmentally sustainable is part of our holistic approach towards design and manufacturing of babies' products; We cannot help to protect your baby if there is not a safe environment for them to grow up in.

Therefore, we search for and select materials that can be recycled, and sometimes are from a recycled source. For example, our plastic is safe for babies and can be recycled after the product is not in use anymore. The product can be disassembled to its components, and each can be recycled to keep the environment safe. 

As part of the latest global trend in consumer electronics, following the lead of companies including Apple and Samsung, we choose to make our product packaging from paper, which can be recycled or is from a recycled paper source.

Our packaging manufacturer works under quality control management and is also FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). That means, for each cut tree a new one is planted. 

We use different technologies to make each piece of the packaging. For instance, one part is made of recycled paper that we design and mold to 3D shapes that can safely hold and present our product. Since it’s made of natural materials, it will completely decompose when disposed of. 

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe environment for your baby. We want to support all facets of their wellbeing. This is why LittleOne.Care developed the Elora baby wellness monitor to track your baby’s wellness and happiness 24/7, at home and on the go.