Enabling Environment for Your Baby

Enabling Environment for Your Baby

Rivka Lev, Pediatrics Physical Therapist

For our baby to develop well, reach their maximum abilities, take advantage of the skills they were born with, and maximize their potential, they need suitable environmental conditions.


So, what does that actually mean?


Let’s take, for example, a baby that is on their stomach. The baby is crawling all over the house and ready for the sixth position. They start with straightening elbows and pulling their buttocks back.


Can we help them move to the sixth position by changing the environment?


The answer is yes.


How can we help our baby?


Parents need to think about how to enable the baby to reach this position, instead of just crawling on their stomach around the house. If we pick up all the stimulating elements off the floor, select only one very interesting item, and position it on top of a low stool (which we want them to reach) – we’ll probably succeed.


Try it 😊

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