Are you Spending Too Much on Baby Formula?

Are you Spending Too Much on Baby Formula?

Understanding Baby Formula Expenses Globally

Countries around the world vary in expenses for baby food. Some families do not even have enough baby food and regular food for themselves. Especially with the new formula shortage, knowing that your baby might not have any food at all is both mentally and physically draining. Utilizing LittleOne.Care’s solution can help you learn what your baby needs so you will not have extra stress.

The United States (US) continues to suffer from an extreme shortage of baby formula due to a supply chain crisis that caused two babies to die. Because of this, companies had to take all their produced formulas and fix the issue before putting the formula back on the market. This issue caused formulas to be out-of-stock and as a result, a lack of food around the country.

Because of this deficiency, families in the US are spending significantly more on formula than the average family. The brand of formula one uses and how often you buy formula are two factors that need to be considered, but on average, people tend to spend $60-$80 a month on formula. Compared to what Canadian families spend on average, $15-$20 a month, US families are spending 4 times the amount. Additionally, the Canadian government has Registered Education Saving Plans contributions which encourage parents to save for their children's education, and in return, the government will give you a handout until your child turns 18. Even more so, because of the shortage, people are selling formula for double or triple the retail amount going up to $258 for a formula bottle (including shipping).

Not knowing when or what your baby needs is an ongoing struggle. LittleOne.Care is developing the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor that allows you to map your baby's life events and activities using a unique AI to understand what your child needs.