Wisdom of the Crowd - Out...Wisdom of Babies - In

Wisdom of the Crowd - Out...Wisdom of Babies - In

We all appreciate the baby’s honesty. Straight as an arrow. If they love someone or something, they’ll show it. If they hate it, a crying tantrum is just around the corner.

This is true when we buy them something new, like a booster, or a new clothing item. It’s also true when we replace their formula, try out a new diaper brand, play with a new toy, or replace the caregiver or babysitter.


Babies react to change and newness fairly quickly.

But, how do we know for certain if their reaction is directly tied to the item or the specific activity? Are they crying because the food is not right for them? The diaper does not sit well, or the stroller is uncomfortable? Or, is it because they are hungry and tired?


Can the baby’s opinion be translated, understood, and measured?


For the first time, this is possible - understanding what your baby really wants, their baby’s likes and dislikes.


Adults’ wisdom in the baby market

It is a known fact that the collective is smarter than the few. When adults buy adult items - like electronics, clothing, food and so on, they rely on each other’s experience. This system hardly fails.


But, collective wisdom is not so helpful when it comes to babies.

Why? Because the baby market is saturated with commercial influences. Corporations use the baby’s innocence to tell new mommies what is best. Sure, there is a lot of research and tests that go into baby products, but we are missing the baby’s collective intelligence.


New moms end up confused about what is good or bad and will go through a trial and error period until finding the right product/service.


A baby’s wisdom

For the very first time, we can measure and track the experience of babies with products, food, services, and care received. LittleOne.Care technology will provide us a better outlook on any baby products, food, or toys. This is due to the collective and direct feedback from babies using our technology.

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor enables parents to get a deeper understanding of any product value.

Google search results enable parents to understand the products’ “popularity”.

Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay give authentic feedback/ratings from customers - other experienced parents.

But, for the very first time Elora will be able to, share what babies actually felt, experienced and liked/disliked about just about everything.


Elora helps determine what baby’s like

Elora revolutionizes the entire baby market.

Our solution tracks the baby’s sincere emotions and identifies their reason for crying. This means that we actually know if their cry is ‘booster’ related, or if they just hate the car ride.


How we do this...

Our technology is based on our ability to run a Neural Network which synchronizes the data we collect from the baby’s movements, activities, AND baby’s voices.

Our cutting edge development includes two neural networks. One inside of the device and the other in the cloud. This unique structure enables us to monitor a mass of babies, learn their language, and provide personal analysis of their sounds and movement in order to tell their parents in real-time what their baby wants.

This unique technology and solution enable us to look at the “big picture” and look for more general insight about what they prefer to wear, enjoy to play with, sleep better, which food is more acceptable and what maintains their wellbeing.

The bottom line is - babies will be able to rate just about everything!

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LittleOne.Care will be holding a unique online event, bringing several baby professionals together, to discuss in detail the connection between ‘Eat, Sleep, Play – Repeat’.

 We invite you to register on our site for more details. You won’t want to miss out on this event.