"Community Spread”, “Contact Tracing” and “Super Spreader” - Not Exclusive To Corona

"Community Spread”, “Contact Tracing” and “Super Spreader” - Not Exclusive To Corona

The Elora Baby Wellness Monitor is a unique platform to improve the baby’s wellbeing. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Elora immediately interprets the reason for crying and emergency situations, while alerting parents of unusual events. This is done by a simple to use app that monitors the baby’s activities along with their daily routine activity.


This ground-breaking technology has many challenges: tiny hardware, the collapse of neuronal networks, advanced data tagging...etc. The product development is possible by the expertise of distinct technology military units graduates. The solutions and the overcoming of technological challenges have become overnight patents, which the company has registered and will continue to do so in the future.


Wellbeing market growth

The current worldwide Mobile Health Application market is estimated at approximately 12.4 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to grow at 44% each year, for the next 8 years. At the center of LittleOne.Care platform stands an application that enables parents to better understand their baby, monitor the daily routine, and learn how to improve their quality of life - as a family.


It takes a village to raise one child!

In the past, this was very much the truth and is still so today. However, the current state of the western world doesn’t necessarily enable every parent to use their parents or community in times of need.

Therefore, along with the great value and useful information each parent finds in their own child’s app report, they can also quickly learn that the LittleOne.Care app enables them to build a community.


The App enables new users to join existing parent and expert groups, who are knowledgeable in the terminology and advanced measurement units the application uses.


How did we get started? Market feasibility

One of the toughest decisions every entrepreneur must take right at the very beginning involves financial expenditure on the business model feasibility - the product value for the consumer, and price flexibility.


Before we started to develop the technology, LittleOne.Care produced and funded a wide social advertising campaign targeted at USA audiences. It included four short video clips which provided different product views. The company created a detailed sales site that included all of the product pictures and information, pricing while responding to common questions along with a check-out mechanism that completed a full sales cycle.


We provided customers a true purchasing experience, with the goal of bringing forward the price sensitivity and true CPC. Only after the feasibility testing, and a conclusion report did the actual technological development begin.


Market penetration strategy

The strategy is closely tied to the unique baby product vertical and newborn purchasing habits. Young parents across the world order online. To enable immediate and fast market penetration, the company built a model based on direct sales to the USA and Canada. But we didn’t stop at that.


Listening and understanding the customer before starting of the product development

During the initial stages, the company announced that the product development would be conducted alongside the user community: babies and parents. With this goal in mind, 30 young Israel families were recruited and the first pilot program took off. These days, the company is busy with the alpha testing, while doubling the number of participants.


Following the first functional product development, LittleOne.Care plans to perform the Beta plan in the USA with the cooperation of local families.


Each participating parent directly impacts the product's success, while measuring their satisfaction in different ways. We can proudly announce that parents are a huge influence on the final features that will be available, and we consider them as full partners for analyzing the app’s user experience.


Each parent is an expert, ambassador, and a partner Online sales marketing models rely on fixed expenses for the recruitment of new customers and are affected by many other variables. .. We decided to create a model where it nurtures the ODF “organic distribution factor” which includes every active parent and industry experts as growth influencers.


Organic Distribution Coefficient

This is defined as the ratio between new customers that joined due to the efforts of existing users.

Our application produced unique information for parents. Naturally, parents want to share this with relatives and other parents. This event of sharing and conversation leads to a viral spread and exposure to a larger audience. It is important to note that parents do not receive financial rewards or payment for this distribution. The fact that our product actually exists - speeds the distribution naturally.


Wearable & visible - product promotes the “super spreader” activity The “Super Spreaders” are those who are perceived as opinion leaders in their community. They love sharing, willing to help, and consciously or unconsciously push others to use the product and app.

Our goal is to create tools that help Super Spreaders expose, share, and promote organic spread without an effort on their end.

How is that possible? Our solution is in a relatively noticeable location - on the baby’s top (shirt). This enables us to utilize every simple engagement with the baby to lead to the question: “what is that?” The parent is then able to introduce the visible product to any friend, and suggest they join via the application as well.

Along with parents, every expert and industry consultant also recognizes the value we offer as a business opportunity. The number of parents joining the pilot is on the rise, and it is directly influenced by the active parents in the Israeli pilot, who contribute to new spreading centers in the USA.


Viral spreading isn’t only for Corona

We are busy each day analyzing our distribution model. Locating the “Super Spreaders” and nurturing each customer and baby expert. Our goal is to map out the communities of transmissions and analyze our 'Spreading Coefficient' just as with COVID-19. However, in our case, it may reduce future marketing expenditures and more importantly - bases our ability to build a strong brand that works with the community from the early beginning.