Covid-19 Forces Parents To Activate A New Game Plan

Covid-19 Forces Parents To Activate A New Game Plan

Each one of us has to adjust and play a new role given the quarantine situation. The change forced upon us is natural and obvious while providing us justification for our business activities and personal behavior. As a parent to infants - there are no excuses or justification. What has to be done - will be. You cannot allow your baby’s development process to be affected.


Why is routine important?

What is the connection between routine, the baby’s development, and your family’s wellbeing?

Routine affects baby’s well being: Enjoyable activities will help your baby’s eating habits. Well-fed babies will sleep deeper and better at night. This will help your baby to play and enjoy the following day. It is a chain reaction. Therefore, your responsibility as a parent is to provide that needed routine.


Here is what the National Center for Biotechnology Information published about The benefits of a bedtime routine in young children: Sleep, development, and beyond:

“Nightly bedtime routine as a key factor in the promotion of not only healthy sleep, but also of broad development and wellbeing in early childhood”.


Sesame Street: Story-time routine with some help from your home TV

CNN recently teamed up with Sesame Street for 'ABC's of COVID-19' town hall. Why? Encouraging families to keep a story-time routine with children.

“I hope that parents will be able to take a breather while I try to keep their kids occupied and entertained for a few minutes every day,” said Mrs. Laura Bush.

According to Adobe Analytics, Perino's storytime videos have averaged 354,000 views and have amassed 6.9 million views in total.


Routine is about personal discipline

Us adults take routine for granted. We know our responsibilities, and there are consequences if we don’t follow through. We need to shop for food, do laundry, go to work, pay the bills, exercise, and eat right. If we miss out on even one of these tasks, we find ourselves without enough food in the fridge, internet connection, or clean clothes to wear. Running a tight schedule is a part of this routine, and the better it is organized, the less stress and discomfort we experience.

As with babies, a good routine helps us sleep better, feel better, and follow through with our tasks the next day.


Why don’t we measure routines?

To measure the success of any routine takes dedication, especially when it comes to babies. It requires a lot of writing, logging-in activities, adjusting. It is very time consuming and to be honest...a bit annoying. Parents are busy as it is without having to type their baby’s hourly routine into an application, every single day. Many also forget to do it, and some prefer to simply skip on an activity. Care-givers are busy nurturing the baby already and don’t want the additional work of logging in data.

New technologies help to document the routine

At LittleOne.Care we believe in technology that leads to a solution. Our solution, the Elora baby wellness monitor, makes keeping up with the routine simple and effective. It recognizes voice commands, without a need to type-in activities. Given the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, it actually learns the baby’s voices and movements - again, minimizing tracking requirements from the parent’s or caregiver. It is automatic!


All of these technological capabilities create an interesting baby diary, sort of like a story, which you always dreamed about, presenting the daily activities as well as trends, recommendations.


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