Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Start-Ups?

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Start-Ups?

Entrepreneurs and investors are dealing with a volatile market situation, as the Corona Virus is still roaming around. Stock markets are hitting rock bottom, and organizations around the world are left wondering about future outcomes of this chaotic period. Many analysts tell us that these economic times resemble nothing of the past, not even the two world wars or previous plagues, which is the reason for insecurity.

So, why is this a perfect time to invest in start-ups?

A recent blog post by Carta’s Vince Timothy earlier this month states: “There’s still a lot of capital that needs to be deployed. There are more VC funds in the US than ever before, and the money they’ve raised needs to go somewhere. Investors still have a strong desire to invest, especially in early-stage companies.”

Timothy continues to say although some industries are less relevant, many are becoming more and more essential – like collaboration and social media tools.

The high-tech industry is still moving forward!

Unlike many factories and non-essential companies, who have ceased to operate given their quarantined employee status, the high-tech industry is based on technology and the internet. Start-up organizations are continuing to operate via online/zoom conferences and events, developers are continuing to write programming codes, and many products are delivered on schedule.

Baby boomers are right around the corner - Invest now!

LittleOne.Care is yet another start-up that continues to operate, create, and improve both software and hardware solution. In fact, the progress made is even faster, knowing our solution can make a real difference for babies and parents. Approximately 130 million babies are born each year.

Satoshi Kanazawa of the “Psychology today” states that “Scientists have known for a long time that an increased number of boys are born during and after major wars. The phenomenon was first noticed in 1954 with regard to white children born during World War II in the United States. It has since been replicated for most of the belligerent nations in both World Wars”.

In addition, the U.S. birthrate exploded after World War II. From 1941 to 1961, more than 65 million children were born in the United States. We will likely experience the same phenomena following COVID-19.

A personalized app for the Millennial parent

LittleOne.Care offers a solution that already provides parents with personalized App & tools to recognize the baby’s reason for crying, safety and improve their well being, quality of care, and happiness- the Elora baby wellness monitor! Elora will impact a market that is expected to grow exponentially. Contact us for more information regarding LittleOne.Care and investment opportunities.