To love. To be loved. To belong. To be held accountable.

To love. To be loved. To belong. To be held accountable.

You may have noticed our LittleOne.Care Logo is made of an elephant icon. The reason we chose an elephant icon is elephant motherhood behavior. It represents the values we believe in. Our technology follows these values as well.




Elephants are known to protect their little ones.







Although they are very large and seem to be clumsy, elephants have an amazing sensitivity to movement. Their feet, as well as their trunks, can perform light and sensitive actions.





Elephants can hear and understand each other from a distance, beyond anything humans can.






Elephants have a phenomenal memory. They remember EVERYTHING. Our Application does too.




Free of Bluetooth or wifi. Elephants do not use consistent Bluetooth or wifi transmission to track their babies.



We, at LittleOne.Care, took everything that is so special about elephants’ behavior and values and turned it into a functional technology for your baby, the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor. For you - their mom. For you - their dad. For all of you - as a family.


Cutting edge technology- The Elora

LittleOne.Care develops cutting-edge Neural networks, to be implemented within the Elora Baby Wellness Monitor. Our AI platform empowers your ability as parents to understand your baby’s reason for crying, alert during emergencies, and improve the quality of care, and overall well-being. Everywhere. All the time. For your peace of mind.


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